Security Alarm /Panic

Security Alarm with 3 hand transmitters and siren for installation both indoors and outdoors. The alarm is activated using the transmitters.

The users can get help quickly if they fall and can not get up again.

Lends itself well to the elderly, disabled and so on.


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Product NameSecurity Alarm /Panic
Weight - kg0
Battery IncludedNej
Range (m)50
Height - External (mm)180
Depth - Exterior (mm)44
Delivery time1-3 working days
Batteries1 x 3v Lithium CR2032 og 2 x 1,5v alkaline LR20 ("D")

L-protect is a series created by L-team to give you a safe and secure life. This security alarm is an effective product that can quickly get you help.

Package includes 1 alarm and 3 transmitters. These work by the alarm set up somewhere in the building and the 3 transmitters are being distributed, for example. patients or employees who are at risk of falling and can not rise again.

The transmitter is activated by pressing for one second the panic button. Then sent a signal to the alarm that will immediately put a loud siren started and a LED light will flash for up to 30 minutes after activation of a panic button.

The alarm has a range of up to 50 meters (line of sight - significantly less indoor).

Security alarm can be used in many situations, such as:

Nursing / Seniors: Here the 3 transmitters distributed to some of the elderly who are at risk of falling or hitting themselves or are afraid of unauthorized persons in the home. Here alarm scare the intruder away.

Disabled Housing: Security alarm can here be used as a panic alarm or security alarm if disabled, will need emergency help.

Medical Clinics / Hospital: Security alarm will be set up within a radius of up to 50 meters and transmitters distributed to staff or patients at risk for acute care.

Business / Shop: Security alarm can be mounted in the back room in case of theft. Being an employee threatened he / she can activate the alarm out in the back room and draw attention to the theft.

The home: In the home, you can mount the alarm at the door and have the security alarm on themselves. Ringer an intruder at the door can instantly activate the alarm and scare the intruder away by the high siren.

Security Alarm - A safe everyday

The alarm can be mounted anywhere using the 2 screws and can be installed in outdoor and indoor.

Mounted alarm on a metal surface will reach significantly reduced.

The alarm can also be used for home with private who want a stable and safe environment. The alarm is mounted somewhere in the house and knock the intruder at the door, or a mugger, pressing on his laptop security alarm and scare the attacker away by the high siren!

Multiple transmitters to the individual security alarm?

It is possible to connect several transmitters to the alarm itself now or later. The transmitters can be used as portable units or attached with the supplied adhesive to such person's room.

Advantages of security alarm:

New self-coding function
Possibility of connection of several transmitters
effective system

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