Thor IV Safe (45L) - Burglary Test Grade IV - Electronic Lock

Thor IV is a high security professional safe built with strong resistance materials.

Burglary tested and certified in Grade IV by AENOR under the norm UNE EN-1143-1.

The door and walls (50mm) are built in several layers of steel and reinforced concrete, offering a very high security against professional drills, cutting tools and other mechanical and heating tools.

The door has a 12 bolts closing mechanism at all 4 sides and an autimatic closing sistem in case of attack.

Offered with combined Key and Electronic Lock, both tested in Klasse 2 by VdS in Germany.

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  • Grade IV prevents burglars from partial access for 120 min and full access for 180 min.

More Information
Product NameThor IV Safe (45L) - Burglary Test Grade IV - Electronic Lock
Safe SeriesThor IV Deposit - Highest security safe with Burglary Certification Test in Grade IV and combined double lock. Each safe has a slot in the door or top for deposit purposes.
ColorAzure Blue (RAL 5009)
Delivery time3-5 working days
Safe KindFree Standing
Safe PurposeCash, Documents, Valuables
Weight - kg215
Burglary GradeGRADE IV
Burglary Test MethodEN 1143-1
Certification centreAENOR
LockKey lock and code lock
Lock TypeCombined Key Lock
Battery & emergency opening9 V, Batteries can be replaced from the outside
Keys included2
Shelf (Standard)2 Movable shelves
Capacity - Liter45
Height - External (mm)500
Width - Exterior (mm)450
Depth - Exterior (mm)450
Height - Interior (mm)400
Width - Interior (mm)350
Depth - Interior (mm)305
Door Bolts4-sided bolts (Ø 25 mm)
Hinges sideRight Side
Door Structure4-walled steel
Body structureSteel (50 mm)

Thor IV Deposit safe in Grade IV - 2 (45L) - Combined Key and Code Lock: Professional Safe with High Security Burglary test

Thor IV Deposit is a professional high security safe designed specifically for businesses that need a long lasting high quality and robust safe at their stores or office. Its construction and size maximize the durability when the use is highly demanded. The deposit slot is a modern solution to the old-fashioned deposit drawer, which reduces the amount of movable parts and therefore increases its durability. The slot has an antifishing system and is especifically reinforced to offer the maximum security and protection. 

Thor IV Deposit series, due to its maximum level of security, is perfect for storing large amounts of cash, legal documents of high importance or other objects of great value that need to be protected. 

Security Certification in Grade IV

Thor IV Deposit has been tested and certified as a Grade IV safe in maximum anti-theft security, according to the standard UNE EN-1143-1 by AENOR. The reinforced door slot has been also tested specifically and with a separate test to assure the best quality and security.

Key Facts

The door and the walls are 50 mm thick, offering a greater level of security to its content.

The door has been secured by a drive system of 12 bolts (Ø 25 mm) on the 4 sides of the box (4 + 4 sides, 2 upper and 2 lower).

In addition to being certified as a Grade 4 safe, Thor IV Deposit has been built with an anti-drill shielding to strengthen the walls and door, increasing the level of protection and safety. In case of robbery, most thieves are equipped with mechanical tools such as drills, hammers or radials to try to access the contents of the safe. Thor IV Deposit will offer maximum resistance to this type of attacks.

For greater security in case of robbery attempt, Thor IV Deposit includes a system of relocking the door to make it difficult to access its interior and thus protect its contents.

The hinges are located externally on the right side of the box, offering the door opening toward that side.

Thor IV Deposit includes an anchoring system of M-16 (up to 100 kN resistance), with which you will be able to fix the box to the wall or anchor it on to the floor.

Lock Options

Thor IV Deposit is available with:

Combination of two key locks with doublebit and 11 levers. With the following certification: 

  • Klasse 2 by VdS.
  • Class B according to UNE EN 1300.
  • Niveau BE by a2p.

 Combination of key lock (previous features) and electronic codelock with up to 10 users and delay of opening. With the following certification:

  • Klasse 2 by VdS.
  • Class B according to UNE EN 1300.

Combination of key lock (previous features) and electronic code with with 8 users and 1 manager, delay of opening and time lock feature. With the following certification:

  • Klasse 2 by VdS.
  • Class B according to UNE EN 1300.

Electronic locks offer greater protection thanks to the delayed opening programming system.

We offer the possibility of purchasing this model of safe with other types of closure: Key combination with mechanical lock and key combination with electronic lock and delayed opening.

Additional Features

Among the standard models of Thor IV, we find those with certified slots (Deposit series), which maintain the approval of Grade IV of the safe. This feature is a perfect choice for those companies or establishments where the physical access to the content is granted only to the owner or the manager.

The slots include an anti-fishing system and can be offered in different types:

  • Door Slot: 130 mm long and 20 mm thick.
  • Inclined at the Top Slot: 140 mm long and 26 mm thick, 45° inclined slot at the top side of the safe. 
  • Vertical Slot at the top: 125 mm long and 25 mm thick.

This series of safes includes height-adjustable anti-tip shelves for all sizes.

Thor IV Deposit safes can be additionally provided with basic shelves adjustable in height and pull out drawers of 50 mm or 100 mm high, in which to place flat objects. These type of drawers are not available for the smallest size model.

It is also possible to include an extra compartment called Secreter, which is placed inside the box and has its own key lock. In this way, it offers the opportunity to increase security, double locking those most valuable objects.

The safe is finished in phosphating primer and is painted in polyurethane. The color of Thor IV is Azure Blue (RAL 5009). This model can be customized with an extra charge in the price, choosing the bright finishes in any color of the RAL table.

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