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The Techmaster series from Tecnosicurezza figures among the most easy to operate high security electronic locks.

Certified in Class B by VdS Germany, this electronic lock is the perfect solution to provide security for businesses, retail chains, banks or hotels who may need different employees to access the same safe. Techmaster can be setup to give access to 2 Master, 2 Manager, 1 Override Manager and 89 Users.

What constitutes the trademark of this lock and contributes to its enhanced operating convenience, is its remote management feature. This option allow to perform remotely the lock configuration, and save precious time by operating changes off-site.

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Product NameTechmaster - Electronic Lock - Tecnosicurezza
ColorAs picture
Number of users94
Number of codes2 masters, 2 managers, 1 override manager, 89 users
Penalty TimeYes
Silent / Duress AlarmYes
Time Delay functionalityYes (1-99 minutes)
Open window funcionalityYes (1-19 minutes)
Remote ManagementYes
Batteries9V alkaline battery

Techmaster – Tecnosicurezza

Establishing a real breakthrough in the user experience, particularly thanks to its remote management feature, Techmaster series enables every user to save time (and money!).

Indeed, the device can be managed via network thanks to a supervision software allowing to configure off-site any feature normally accessible from the keypad.

Furthermore, the display screen with green/red LED leaves no scope for misunderstanding or confusion for the user and genuinely facilitates the device’s monitoring.

Electronic code lock certified in Class B Complying with the European norm EN 1300 and certified in Class B by the German Institution VdS

Techmaster locks ensures high security standards.

Whether used in businesses, retail chains, warehouses, hotels or banks to guarantee safety, the Techmaster lock is conceived to allow access to different type of users, among which : 2 Master, 2 Manager, 1 Override Manager and 89 Users.

In addition, the Dynamic Code function (one time code) grants occasional users such as maintenance staff or money transfer agents (CIT) an easy access to the safe.

Key Facts

Each Techmaster keypad can manage up to five locks. It can provide an audit trail with time and date of up to 6000 events.

The system is fully programmable and resettable thanks to the use of special programming Dallas keys.

Techmaster’ smart operating system is compatible with a remote management software which is also available on APP for smartphone.

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Customer Questions
Safe Locks: What are the lock requirements for each burglary grade?

Safe locks are classified in ascending security classes going from A through D as per EN-1300 Regulation.

Additionally, starting at security grade IV, safes and vaults must contain 2 separate locks and even 3 for grades XI and higher.

The following table attempts to explain the lock requirements that each safe must meet in order to maintain the certification for the EN-1143-1 burglary resistance grade.

Lock Requirements for Burglary Grades

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