Spy Mirror of Safety Glass - One-way View - Customization

Spy mirrors are used at places where it is wished to observe other people while the observer cannot be seen. The most classic applications are for the interrogation rooms in police stations and prisons or other situations where the observer does not wish to be seen.

The spy mirror is made of a laminated safety glass with a thickness of 6 mm.
This spy mirror is only for customization, so please call us about the dimensions that you would like.

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Product NameSpy Mirror of Safety Glass - One-way View - Customization
Diameter (mm)0
Height - External (mm)0
Width - Exterior (mm)0
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Mirror TypeSpy mirrors made of one-way laminated safety glass are ideal for interrogation rooms. To observe other people while the observer cannot be seen.
Suitable forLaw Enforcement
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Spy mirror - one-way view - customization

Manufactured for observation of people and object from only one side of the glass. The opposite side will no be able to see through the glass. Most common use is for police interrogations, but can also be applied as wished.


This spy mirror can only be ordered as a customization which allows you to choose the dimensions that fit your needs. The price of the product depends on size.


The spy mirror is made of 6 mm laminated safety glass and is produced of high German quality.

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If you are interested in the spy mirror and know the dimensions you need, let us know and we will guide you through the process. You can also send us an email to info@safegear.com.  

Customer Questions
Mirrors: How can I choose the right Security Mirror?

There are different types of security mirrors to choose from. Each security mirror has it's own purpose. Importance of choosing the right mirror decrease the risk of unexpected incidents. Read more in order to know which mirror is going to be the most suitable for you.

Stainless Steel Mirrors: Why should I choose stainless steel mirror?

When you choose your stainless steel mirror you need to know 3 main advantages of it:

  • Stainless steel mirrors have higher reflectiveness than acrylic.
  • Stainless steel mirrors are unbreakable.
  • High resistance to scratches, rust, corrode or stain.

iconMostly security mirrors are made of acrylic material, making them breakable. The main difference between acrylic and stainless steel mirrors is that acrylic mirror has 7 times less tensile strength than stainless steel.

Stainless Steel Mirrors: Will a stainless steel mirror rust?

Stainless steel mirrors will only rust under extreme or aggressive weather conditions. Compared to other materials used for mirrors, stainless steel has the highest resistance to corrosion. 

You can choose between two types of stainless steel mirrors: Indoor or Outdoor.

The difference between indoor and outdoor mirrors is the frame. The frame of the outdoor stainless steel mirror provides extra durability against rain, snow, wind, and sunlight.

An outdoor mirror can be used both inside and outside. But indoor mirror may rust when used outside.

Stainless Steel Mirrors: How to keep your stainless steel mirror shiny?

Thanks to stainless steel material you can polish these mirrors very easily. For polishing your stainless steel mirror all you need is:

  • Warm water
  • Ordinary soap
  • Microfiber cloth 

You need to make soapy, warm water, put your microfiber cloth into it and then gently polish your stainless steel mirror.

iconIt is strictly forbidden to polish these mirrors with a brush that has metal straws, it will clearly scratch the stainless steel mirror and it will lose its features.

Polished Stainless Steel mirror


Stainless Steel Mirrors: What is security & safety stainless steel mirror?

Stainless steel mirror is a convex mirror with a stainless steel surface. Stainless steel material is an alloy of iron and carbon, that is why the mirror has a high resistance to scratches, rust, corrosion, and stain.

Stainless steel mirrors are unbreakable, as required by IFS (International Food Standard). These mirrors are not only suitable for places with strict hygiene conditions such as hospitals, kitchens and other places involving food processing, but also for road safety and vehicle inspection.

 Conwex mirror

Spy Mirrors: What thickness of the spy mirror is recommended?

Spy mirrors are made by one-way laminated safety glass. One of the sides is reflective and the other one - transparent, which makes these mirrors perfect for interrogation rooms, market research, reality shows, and psychology research among others. Moreover, the mirror is located between two rooms, one of which is bright. The other room is a dark one.

Spy mirrors size can be customized according to your needs.

It is also to know more about the spy mirrors thickness. If the mirror is smaller than 2000mm x 2000mm, then a thickness of 3mm is recommended. However, if the mirror has bigger dimensions, then a thickness of 6mm is recommended.

The thicker the glass mirror the more durable it is.

Traffic Mirrors: How do you mount the mirror to a pole?

The back of the convex mirror has corresponding holes for attaching the included bracket that allows mounting to a pole/pipe (Ø 76 mm).

A bracket for fixing to a wall is available as a separate accessory.

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