Retail stores require a large variety of security, whether it’s to prevent a huge loss caused by burglars, to ensure protection, insurance purposes or to meet government requirements for general safety.

Our document safes, money safes and depository safes are ideal for supermarkets, specialty stores, restaurants and other retail businesses.

Secure Storage

Safes can help retail stores to manage their valuables and keep track on who has access to these certain valuables in order to maintain maximum security.

You can either collect cash in a deposit safe for easy money management and safe cash storage, store documents in a fireproof file cabinet or simply store your items in a burglarproof valuables safe to protect your valuable items in case of a fire.

A security safe helps you to maintain your profits and prevents the risk of employee theft and burglary, but also increases employee safety.


SafeGear offers fire rated safes that are are approved according to SS-EN 1047-1 that can hold out against fire for a max. duration of 120-minutes, depending on the fire testing, which was measured when exposed to temperatures above 900°C as in a real fire.

We also provide safes with different burglary test gradings that are constructed to withstand break-in attempts and are rated from Grade 0 until Grade V. These rankings specify for how long a safe is secured from burglary attempts and their tools, which can last up to 120 minutes, depending on the grade.

These classifications are not only important for personal interest but can also be required by insurance companies.

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