EAS Systems

What is an EAS System?

Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS), is the most effective way to provide retail businesses with a high-level protection. It usually involves the use of electronic gateways/antennas and hard/soft tags and labels. Special tags and labels are fixed to merchandise and can only be detached and deactivated by the clerks when the item is properly bought or checked out. When a hard tag, soft tag or label is taken out of the shop past the EAS gateway an automatic alarm will go off.

With an EAS system installed in your store you give your customers the ultimate opportunity to explore products on display while at the same time you are able to protect your merchandise and reduce shoplifting and stock shrinkage. This results in customer satisfaction and repeat purchases in the long term.

Contact SafeGear and get free advice on how to best secure your business against shoplifting. Our consultants have extensive experience in EAS systems.

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