We offer safes in different classifications and fire-resistant categories for your home.
If you are looking for private safe and want to provide secure storage for your hard drives, priceless jewellery and cash, we help you to find the right match for your need.

A home safe can cover various protection needs. We can supply you with either a money safe, wall safe, gun safe or fire safe. If you are interested in a document safe for your home office, please check in our office category.

Whether you are looking for a cheap safe to prevent family members from finding your valuables, or want to acquire a fireproof safe with a tested burglarproof certification in order to meet insurance requirements, we have the right solution for you.


In our large selection you can find safes tested and certified according to European Standards in Germany that are classified from Grade 0 to V. These classifications define how long the safe is protected against any kind of break-in attempt which can last up to 120 minutes, depending on the grade.

Our fireproof safes are tested according to SS-EN 1047-1 and can resist fire for up to 120 minutes, which has been tested during temperatures above 900°C, corresponding to a real fire.

We are happy to advise you in all product categories and products, help you select the right products with the correct and approved security classifications, by meeting your needs.