SafeGear offers security solutions for the business and public sector to store valuables safely.

Whether you want to provide your office with a computersafe for safety, keep valuable data in a fireproof data safe to protect it from getting destroyed in case of a fire, store confidential documents of your clients securely in a burglarproof document safe or you are thinking to invest in a laptop safe for your students in order to provide increased safety, or just want to offer a documentsafe in your school for safe storage for the piles of information you have been storing for years, we are eager to find the perfect solution for you.

Protect Information

Not providing crucial information with the necessary protection might result in a loss of all your collected data you have compiled over years.

We provide Schools, Universities and Offices with the needed solution to keep valuables unharmed.

Approved Certification

We offer fire tested safes that are endorsed to SS-EN 1047-1 standards and can hold against fires for at least 30 minutes. Depending on the rating, some safes can resist fire up to 120 minutes, which has been evaluated during exposure above 900°C like in a real fire.

Additionally, we offer burglary tested safes that were built to resist burglary tools from breaking into the safe due to a specific material that can withstand the attempt for a certain amount of resistance time. The strength and resistance time is defined with classifications that range from Grade 0 to V, where the strongest safe can resist burglary-attempts for 120 minutes.

If you need advice, please give us a call or start a chat with our safe specialists!