The cost of lost data

What is data loss? How can you prevent it?
If you lose financial reports, client information or other confidential data that are fundamental for your business, the major risk is for your company to be down for days. That is why, as a business or office building manager, you should prioritize the security of your equipment, supplies and data. Information loss can be caused by a human error, a burglary or by other unpredictable and more serious events such as fires and floods. To prevent this, it is highly recommendable to store a physical copy of all your data in a certified safe. Our computer, data and document safes will protect your business no matter what.

Protecting your employees

Threatening and dangerous situations are unpredictable and can happen anytime, in any kind of office building. As an employer you need to ensure a safe working environment to your team.
This means being proactive and provide your employees with the essential tools they need to handle an emergency. Panic alarms are simple and extremely effective devices that can be used in any working environment, but that are particularly suitable for public facing employees, nighttime employees and lone workers.

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