SafeGear provides the Industry sector with certified safes in order to provide maximum security.

Key Safe

We offer secure key storage for warehouses, manufacturing facilities and other factories to keep keys for certain buildings and machines safe and only make it accessible for authorized employees. Key cabinets can protect up to 300 keys.

Vault room

Walk-in safes are ideal for banks or other industries that have to keep a large amount of cash or valuables. This strongroom offers a secure place against fire, burglaries and natural disasters like hurricanes.

Pharmacy Narcotic Safe

Businesses that need to store medications are required to do so in a medical safe for pharmacy safety. A medicine safe provides pharmacies, Doctors and hospitals with efficient storage as well as patient safety and protection against other burglars.

Guest Room Safe

With employees going in and out of your guest’s hotel rooms, providing a hotel room safe is crucial to prevent vacationer from experiencing theft during their stay at your hotel. An in-room safe provides travellers with more piece when leaving their valuables in the hotel and it makes a more satisfying experience for them.

Our safes are either fire-resistant, burglary proof, both or neither. Check the characteristics to make sure your order is matching your needs.

If you would like to customize your order or you need advice, please do not hesitate to leave us your number or message us in the chat!