Start a school watch program

Have you ever heard of Neighborhood Watch, the program where neighbors watch out for each other and report crime in their neighborhoods? The School watch program, promoted by Youth Crime Watch of America, works the same way: “Students watch out for each other to make the entire school safer and more enjoyable. They learn how to keep from becoming victims. They also learn the best ways to report theft and suspicious activities.”

As a safety company, we believe that it’s never too early to start promoting a security culture.  

Keeping schools safe

In the past, schools were not an appealing theft target and the break-ins associated to school environments were extremely rare. This is due to the fact that there was a very limited amount of valuables items worth being stolen. More recently, with the change in the education system, schools are using more laptops, personal computers and iPads. These new tools have provided an high-quality learning environment, but they have also created a technology rich environment for burglars. Computer and data safes will ensure all your students’ equipment is kept safe. Investing in a school safe is investing in knowledge.

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