Shop Mirrors

Shop Mirrors

Shop security mirrors can be used as an efficient and maintenance-free supplement to video surveillance and EAS.
These mirrors are used for monitoring areas of a store which would normally remain unseen whilst protecting against shoplifting in supermarkets, kiosks, shops, and malls. The way in which these mirrors are made ensures that they are a lightweight, long-lasting surveillance system whilst remaining cost effective. They can be installed through the use of screws, hanging chains or in some cases, in the form of ceiling panels to provide a flush installation.

Convex Mirrors 

Convex detection mirrors are a retailerʼs first line of defense against shoplifting and pilferage. They increase aisle visibility, eliminate blind spots and are excellent when acting as safety mirrors through preventing intersection accidents. The viewing range gets bigger along with the size of the convex mirror. So the bigger the mirror the bigger the viewing range. Our convex mirrors come in different sizes and shapes. 

Dome Mirrors

Mirror domes come in a range of sizes to suit their purpose and positioning. Our largest mirror dome can offer views of 200° from any single viewing position. The mirrors we sell at SafeGear are either made of impact-resistant acrylic or unbreakable polycarbonate (PC). With no maintenance costs and easy installation, mirrors represent a long lasting investment for your business. We also offer the three dome shapes in stainless steel for a high-quality and unbreakable dome mirror. Some institutions and other places at more risk will be able to benefit from a more robust mirror. 

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Viewing Range

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Full Dome 360°

full dome thumb

Full dome shape Acrylic 45 cm Max. 5 m DA-4.4100.450
Full dome shape Acrylic 60 cm Max. 8 m DA-4.4100.600
Full dome shape Acrylic 80 cm Max. 16 m DA-4.4100.800
Full dome shape Acrylic 100 cm Max. 30 m DA-4.4100.100
Full dome shape Acrylic 125 cm Max. 45 m DA-4.4100.125

Half Dome 180°

half dome thumb

Half dome shape Acrylic 45 cm Max. 5 m DA-4.4150.450
Half dome shape Acrylic 60 cm Max. 8 m DA-4.4150.600
Half dome shape Acrylic 80 cm Max. 16 m DA-4.4150.800
Half dome shape Acrylic 100 cm Max. 30 m DA-4.4150.100

Quarter Dome 90°

quarter dome

quarter dome Acrylic 45 cm Max. 5 m DA-4.4160.450
quarter dome Acrylic 60 cm Max. 8 m DA-4.4160.600
quarter dome Acrylic 80 cm Max. 16 m DA-4.4160.800
    • Viewing Distance: 5-45 m
    • Height:
    • Width: 310-1000 mm
    • Diameter: 600-800 mm
    • Price: starting at €55.00
    • Viewing Distance: 4-12 m
    • Height: 330-600 mm
    • Width: 350-600 mm
    • Diameter: 300-750 mm
    • Price: starting at €65.00