SB Pro 90 Fireproof Safe (70 Binders) - Double Door - Code Lock

SB Pro is an anti-burglary and fire-resistant document safe.

Provides you with storage for documents, medications or other smaller items to secure. It is ideal for private homes, companies and offices.

The double-walled steel plates are insulated with heat-resistant materials, which means additional security for your documents and other valuables.

The included bolts give you the possibility to mount your safe to the wall or floor.

This document safe series is available for an additional charge with hanging file extensions or pull-out shelves.

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  • Fire insulation layer -not certified- that protects from initial phases of a fire.

More Information
Product Name SB Pro 90 Fireproof Safe (70 Binders) - Double Door - Code Lock
Model SB Pro 90 - Elektronisk Kodelås
Safe Kind Free Standing
Safe Purpose Documents, Pharmaceuticals, Valuables
Delivery Time 1-3 working days
Color RAL 7024 (Standard). RAL 7035 (Optional). Other colors (optional)
Fire Certification Insulated: a fire insulation layer makes the safe resistant against high temperatures during the first minutes of fire. It is not a certified fire test.
Fire Duration Fire Insulated
Fire Test Method DIN 4102 Noncombustible Materiale
Lock Code Lock
Lock Type M-Locks EM2020 / BR5010 - 1 Manager
Battery & emergency opening 9 V, Batteries can be replaced from the outside
Weight - kg 164.0000
Shelf (Standard) 4 Movable shelves
Capacity - Liter 946
Capacity - Binders 70
Height - External (mm) 1900
Width - Exterior (mm) 1280
Depth - Exterior (mm) 550
Depth incl. Lock / Handle (mm) 612
Height - Interior (mm) 1840
Width - Interior (mm) 1210
Depth - Interior (mm) 425
Door Opening - Height (mm) 1800
Door Opening - Width (mm) 1180
Door Opening - Angle 180 Degrees - External Hinges
Hinges side Double Doors (Hinges in both sides)
Door Structure Double walled steel
Door Bolts 3-sided bolts (Ø 25 mm)
Body structure Double-walled
Bolting Floor, Wall
Bolts Included 1

SB Pro 90 (946 L) - Secure storage documents cabinet - Code Lock

SB Pro is an excellent choice for who cares about their documents.

Suitable for other small items as well, it offers high protection against unauthorized access. Can be the ideal safe for a private home or a company that needs a strong storage.

Fire proof material insulation according DIN 4102

Since both the body and the door are fire-proof insulated (in accordance with DIN 4102), it offers a complete protection in case of fire. Furthermore, it is equipped with an additional integrated seal in the door groove.

Key Facts

SB Pro has a double walled construction, for a heavy protection against burglary.

Designed with high quality materials, the door is supplied with 4 sided bolts (Ø 25 mm).
Thanks to the external hinges, the door has a 180 degrees opening angle. This model includes 2 doors. 

Ready to be installed on the floor and the rear wall, the anchoring hardware is included.

Lock Options

This model is delivered with a high security code lock with one manager code and one unique code. This lock is certified following European standards EN 1300.

Configuration Options

This safe provides height-adjustable shelves that offer a full customization.

The body color is available in Grey Graphite (RAL 7024) or Light Grey (RAL 7035), being an elegant piece of furniture whether at home or in the office.

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*Please note that the product pictures show the safe series but not necessarily the specific safe you’re looking at. You should always check the product characteristics for the exact dimensions, weight, number of shelves etc.

Customer Questions
I think my keypad is faulty. How can I check this? BR 5010 (EM2020 / EM3520)

If the keypad test doesn't identify any issues, you may be typing the wrong code. The M-Locks BR 5010 creates a long bip if you type in wrong code. Please keep in mind that if you are typing the wrong code four times, you will be locked out for 5 minutes. After expiration, entry of two more invalid codes , restarts the 5 minute blocking period.

How do I change the battery on my code lock? M-Locks EM2020 / EM3520 - BR5010?

To replace the battery, open the compartment at the bottom of the keypad by sliding the plastic cover to the right.

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