Key Safes

Tired of hiding your keys or misplacing them?

Let’s be honest, we’ve all done it. You have to leave your house or apartment for an appointment and a family member calls you to tell you he forgot his key, or someone needs to check on your pets. The only option you have to give access to your home while you’re not there, is to hide your keys under the doormat or somewhere around your house. Well, you’re not the only one and maybe nothing have happened to you before, but burglars are aware of your hiding places.

A key safe is the perfect solution to secure your keys from theft and unauthorized access to your home. It is worth investing into a key lock box instead of becoming a victim of theft and getting robbed of your cash and other valuables that you may not be able to replace.

Control and tracking of key usage in Business

A key cabinet is also suitable for retail stores, logistics companies, car rentals, factories, local authorities, banks, schools or hospitals to control and organize rooms, buildings, machines, equipment or vehicles where only chosen individuals have access to the code and keys in order to protect key access from unauthorized employees.

The access code can be re-programmed and even some of the cabinets can get into alarm mode if a wrong code has been entered. Additionally, the safe can be equipped with a tracking mechanism to track the usage of access to the safe and keys. Provide efficient key storage by organizing up to 300 keys in one secure place with the option to adjust the height of the hooks to your needs.

SafeGear offers keysafes with and without approved standards. We also provide key cabinets with disposal function for easier key management. This gives you, your employees or your customers the possibility to securely return keys outside of your business hours.

Buy a key safe online or chat with our SafeGear specialists for free advice and customization needs.

  • ST-I

    ST-I - Key safe with strong Burglary Test in Grade I. Drill resistant steel plates protect the lock and bolt-work against drill attacks. Comes with either a Key or Electronic Lock. Series can be custom designed in terms of number of keys and hook design.
    • Bolting: Wall
    • Height: 336-1236 mm
    • Width: 496-496 mm
    • Depth: 250-410 mm
    • Price: starting at €1,305.00
  • NST

    NST - Key safe certified in Grade 0. Constructed with a multi-walled steel door and adjustable Key rows. Supplied with either Key Lock or Electronic Lock. Prepared for wall mounting.
    • Bolting: Wall
    • Height: 416-816 mm
    • Width: 496-496 mm
    • Depth: 250-350 mm
    • Price: starting at €1,260.00

    MT – Burglary tested safe in level S1, ideal to store cash, jewelry, documents and other valuables in homes. Available with key lock or electronic lock.
    • Bolting: Wall
    • Height: 350-680 mm
    • Width: 380-440 mm
    • Depth: 175-175 mm
    • Price: starting at €245.00
  • KWT 900

    KWT 900 - Weapon safe series certified in Grade 0 for storing handguns and/or ammunition. Also ideal for storing car keys because of the 8 screws that are included. High-secured door thanks to the 4-sided door locking.
    • Bolting: Floor or Wall
    • Height: 405-405 mm
    • Width: 360-360 mm
    • Depth: 170-209 mm
    • Price: starting at €590.00
  • STZ

    STZ key safe with double-bit security lock. Strong Burglary Test in Grade 2. Highly fire resistant insulation material. Comes with either a key or an electronic lock. STZ series offers adjustable key racks with numerous hooks.
    • Bolting: Wall
    • Height: 450-800 mm
    • Width: 450-450 mm
    • Depth: 200-200 mm
    • Price: starting at €580.00