Gun Safes

Gun safes for secure storage

Storing guns in a gun safe is very crucial. Whether it's to meet gun safety laws, protect children from reaching your weapons, or for a secure storage against burglary. Keeping weapons at home gives you a huge responsibility to protect these from unauthorized access and prevent deadly accidents.

Gun safes are suitable for security companies, the police, competitive marksmen or hunters. Depending on the safe model, the resistance and security levels differ.

A gun cabinet is used to store guns, firearms, handguns and ammunition in a secure place.

Reasons you need a Gun Safe

The law obliges gun owners to store their weapons in a safe place in order to avoid misuse, theft or accidents caused by reckless storage. A separate ammunition box can be required by law in certain countries to ensure maximum gun safety.

A Gun cabinet can be individualized to fit personal requirements, such as the number of shelves. This way, the gun safe can also be used to store other valuables besides weapons, such as cash or jewelry.

Gun safety

In order to provide maximum protection for your gun collection, a weapon safe should be mounted to the floor or wall with the enclosed bolts. It is also important to check if the burglary grade of your chosen weapon safe fits your needs. We offer gun safes that are burglary classified according to European Standards by the German VdS.

If you need advice, or you would like to customize your weapon cabinet, leave your number and we are happy to get back to you!

  • RSV

    RSV - Safe certified in Burglary classification Grade 0 and is supplied with a removable ammunition box. Available with Key and Electronic Code Lock.
    • Bolting: Floor or Wall
    • Height: 1250-1500 mm
    • Width: 350-575 mm
    • Depth: 300-400 mm
    • Price: starting at €955.00
  • KWT 900

    KWT 900 - Weapon safe series certified in Grade 0 for storing handguns and/or ammunition. Also ideal for storing car keys because of the 8 screws that are included. High-secured door thanks to the 4-sided door locking.
    • Bolting: Floor or Wall
    • Height: 405-405 mm
    • Width: 360-360 mm
    • Depth: 170-209 mm
    • Price: starting at €590.00
  • KWT Handgun

    KWT Cervo - Burglary Tested Grade I safe for the storage of handguns. Includes pistol holder made from foam to prevent scratches from your guns, which can be adapted to a smaller number of arms if needed. Supplied with Key or Electronic Lock.
    • Bolting: Floor or Wall
    • Height: 435-800 mm
    • Width: 490-490 mm
    • Depth: 430-430 mm
    • Price: starting at €955.00
  • SafeGear

    Gun Safe tested in Grade 1 - Ideal for securing Rifles, Guns, Ammunition and Hunting gear. Lockable compartment for ammunition. Built with drill resistant steel plates to protect the lock and bolt-work. Available with Key Lock or Electronic Lock.
    • Bolting: Floor or Wall
    • Height: 1400-1550 mm
    • Width: 400-850 mm
    • Depth: 410-420 mm
    • Price: starting at €1,111.00
  • WSE

    WSE - Safe with Break-in Test certified Grade I for the storage of up to 21 rifles. Cabinet equipped with a removable shelf and available with a lockable compartment for ammunition.
    • Bolting:
    • Height: 1850-1850 mm
    • Width: 1250-1250 mm
    • Depth: 650-650 mm
    • Price: starting at Call for price