Floor Safes / Wall Safes

Hide your safe

You want to secure your valuables but don’t want to invest money in a safe because you are nervous about burglars still being able to break-in? A floor or wall safe is ideal to store valuable items and to provide more security by hiding your strong box in the floor or wall behind a portrait or under a carpet.

Your secret behind a photograph

A hidden wall safe will not only save you space in your house or apartment, but also make it more difficult for burglars to find your valuables. Moreover, you don’t have a big safe box standing around your home and you safeguard your valuables to a higher extend.

If you are considering a home wall safe, make sure that you are informed about the measurements of your walls in order to make sure your are able to install the safe into the wall, and that you choose a location that gives you easy access to your valuables. You don’t want to end up spending money and then not placing your precious items back because of inconvenience, especially not on a day of burglar invasion.

Underground safe

Another option to hide your gun, jewellery, bonds or other valuable items is to obtain a floor safe. An in ground safe also gives you the advantage of being hidden and additionally, provides you with the option to be bolted to the floor. In case a burglar finds your secret spot, he cannot take the entire safe in to get access at a later point of time due to floor anchoring.

SafeGear provides certified in wall safes and underfloor safes in burglary protection Grade 1. Our tested safes are in accordance to security standards DIN EN 1143-1 and can be supplied with a double bit key lock or an electronic code lock.

Chat with our experts to find out which safe suits your needs best.

  • Wega

    Wega - Safe with Burglary Test in Grade I. Lock and boltwork is protected against drilling due to resistant steel plates. Safe should ideally be installed by a professional during construction of the house. Available with Key or Electronic Lock.
    • Bolting: Built In
    • Height: 330-1230 mm
    • Width: 390-490 mm
    • Depth: 260-500 mm
    • Price: starting at €640.00
  • VC

    VC Wall Safe - Insulated safe with Burglary Test in Grade I. Designed for saving documents and other valuables, while managing space efficiently. Available with Key or Electronic Lock.
    • Bolting: Wall
    • Height: 370-820 mm
    • Width: 490-490 mm
    • Depth: 210-300 mm
    • Price: starting at €710.00
  • CFC Wall Safe - Camouflaged

    Ollé CFC Wall Safe - Safe for in-wall home, camouflaged by a power strip. Steel walls and 5 inner drawers. Available with key lock.
    • Bolting: Wall
    • Height: 200-200 mm
    • Width: 440-440 mm
    • Depth: 150-150 mm
    • Price: starting at €305.00
    • Bolting: Built In or Floor
    • Height: 435-435 mm
    • Width: 305-305 mm
    • Depth: 285-285 mm
    • Price: starting at €720.00