Deposit Safes

Are you tired of putting your valuables at risk or annoyed of not being able to access your valuables anytime you want because you have to secure your precious items at a bank? A home deposit box is the ideal solution for you. We offer fire-resistant and burglary tested security safes in order to protect your valuables.

Drop safe for improved Business security

Equip your Retail Store with safe cash management by providing a deposit safe. Retail safes with a disposal option, also called drop safes, are ideal for businesses, especially with a high turn over. A safe deposit box allows you and your employees convenient and easy storage of cash, deposit slips, keys or valuable items during working hours without opening the safe.

The valuables can be deposited easily by any employee through a drawer. When dropping cash into the deposit safe, it falls into a locked box that can only be accessed by the Owner, Manager or any other Key holder that is authorized to do so.

All drop slot safes have an integrated anti-fishing mechanism, hence, it is not possible to remove any valuables ​​from the drawer once they are deposited in the safe.

Depository safes are also suitable as night deposit safes. However, if used for commercial purposes, money safes should only be stored with cash or other valuables for a short period of time in order to prevent theft.

Our insurance-approved safes provide a strong protection against burglary attempts, which makes depositing cash safe in your home or company. These safes are certified and classified according to European Standards EN 1143-2. We also offer fireproof deposit safes.

If you have questions or need free advice, SafeGear’s safe specialists are happy to help you.

  • Einsatzdeposit

    Einsatzdeposit - Safe for continuously depositing cash and other valuables through a drawer into a 6mm thick steel wall box. Only access to the deposited valuables through an authorized key. Supplied with a Key Lock.
    • Bolting: Floor or Wall
    • Height: 444-578 mm
    • Width: 290-360 mm
    • Depth: 300-350 mm
    • Price: starting at €520.00
  • Sigma

    Sigma - Safe for continuous deposit of cash or other assets. Anti-fishing mechanism by the deposit drawer ensures that values ​​can not be removed without authorization. Available with Key and Electronic Lock.
    • Bolting: Floor or Wall
    • Height: 305-475 mm
    • Width: 375-375 mm
    • Depth: 350-350 mm
    • Price: starting at €455.00
  • Omega

    Omega - Deposit Drop Box made out of thick steel. Comes with deposit drawer that allows safe depositing due to its Anti-fishing mechanism. Available with Key Lock or an programmable Electronic Lock.
    • Bolting: Floor or Wall
    • Height: 455-698 mm
    • Width: 340-340 mm
    • Depth: 380-380 mm
    • Price: starting at €835.00
  • GT EW

    GT EW - Safe constructed with a special double walled design from high quality steel, heat resistant insulation to protect against light fires and lockable drawers for depositing cash. Comes with a Key Lock.
    • Bolting: Floor
    • Height: 800-800 mm
    • Width: 600-600 mm
    • Depth: 500-500 mm
    • Price: starting at €1,880.00
  • Gemini Pro Deposit D-I

    Gemini Pro D-I - Safe with Burglary Protection in Grade I, for safe disposal and storage of cash and other valuable items. Anti-fishing mechanism makes it impossible to steal values through the drawer.
    • Bolting: Floor
    • Height: 775-1600 mm
    • Width: 665-665 mm
    • Depth: 665-665 mm
    • Price: starting at €3,640.00
  • Topas Pro

    Topas Pro - Safe with strong Burglary Protection in Grade II. Patented infill provides excellent security and saves on total weight. Door and walls are protected against mechanical and thermal methods of attack. Supplied with either User-Code or Key Lock.
    • Bolting: Floor
    • Height: 940-1600 mm
    • Width: 665-665 mm
    • Depth: 665-665 mm
    • Price: starting at Call for price
  • MVS

    MVS - Safe is Fire insulated and built of fire-retardant materials. Build of thick steel plates, which protects against burglary, and is supplied with two separate deposit boxes. Supplied with an aluminium hinge handle.
    • Bolting: Floor
    • Height: 935-935 mm
    • Width: 605-605 mm
    • Depth: 550-550 mm
    • Price: starting at €3,090.00
  • Ollé Cashbox

    Ollé Cashbox – Deposit cash safe, which can be fixed in vehicles or shops. The doors and walls are made of steel. It has two different keys lock, one to unlock the safe of the anchored place and the other to open it.
    • Bolting: Floor
    • Height: 250-260 mm
    • Width: 160-165 mm
    • Depth: 290-290 mm
    • Price: starting at €285.00