Data Safes

Safe for Media

We all know how fast our valuable data can be damaged or even fully destroyed on our computers. Putting your important data on media like USB sticks, DVD’s or hard drives does not mean its safe. If you want to provide maximum security for your data, you should consider a fireproof data safe to keep valuable information or photos safe.

Fire insulation for sensitive data

Data safes are ideal for computer media e.g. USB / memory sticks, DVDs, Diskettes, hard drives, LTO data or audio tapes. Data media are more heat-sensitive than paper documents, and therefore, require a higher level of fire insulation when being stored in a fire safe. Fragile data should not be exposed to temperatures over 52°C or humidity over 85%. Fire temperatures can reach up to 1000°C, sensitive data should be consequently backed up in a fire-resistant data safe that prevents the interior temperature from rising to 55°C since media data would be destroyed at this temperature. SafeGear offers data safes that are fire-proof and ensure that your media data stays safe during a fire.

Data Protection

A Media safe not only protects your data from fire but also from unauthorized access, accidental damage, dust, magnetic fields or humidity. We also offer series that protect your data from electromagnetic interference that arises due to fire and manipulates magnetically produced information.

It’s your responsibility to keep your your client’s data safe!

Especially if you operate in the commercial area, you are held responsible to keep your clients valuable information safe. Whether to protect personal details and financial statements from unauthorized access or contracts and Tax payment receipts from fire.

Efficient data solution

SafeGear also offers inserts for CDs that protect data up to 120 minutes and can even be fitted retrospectively. Optimize your safe with shelves and other accessories for more efficient storage. All products are available in several variations with differences in price and quality as well as safety, customized to your needs.

If you have questions or need advice, SafeGear’s safe specialists are happy to give you free advice on your purchase.

  • Office Data Star

    Office Data Star - Safe with Burglary Test in Grade S2 and Fire Test for 60 minutes. Designed with an expanding seal around the door to protect data media from fire gases and water from fire extinguishers.
    • Bolting: Floor
    • Height: 659-1750 mm
    • Width: 630-930 mm
    • Depth: 648-648 mm
    • Price: starting at €2,505.00
  • Fire Star Plus

    Fire Star Plus - Data safes with Burglary Test in Grade I and Fire Test for 120 minutes. Protection against Fire Gases and Water from fire extinguishers. Meets requirements for resistance to electromagnetic interference of data. Supplied with a Key Lock.
    • Bolting: Floor
    • Height: 771-1231 mm
    • Width: 644-854 mm
    • Depth: 809-851 mm
    • Price: starting at €4,395.00
  • Data Plus

    DataPlus - Safety Deposit Box for storage of Data Media. Burglary Tested in Grade S2 and Fire Test for 120 minutes. Keeps inside temperatures below 50°C and humidity less than 85%. Supplied with a Key Lock.
    • Bolting: Floor
    • Height: 911-1941 mm
    • Width: 746-1036 mm
    • Depth: 780-830 mm
    • Price: starting at €4,920.00
  • Data Safe series S

    The S data safe series is a customizable data safe series that protects your data from fire, provides data security and optimum access protection.
    • Bolting: None
    • Height: 732-1850 mm
    • Width: 786-1195 mm
    • Depth: 918-918 mm
    • Price: starting at Call for price