Luxury Safes


  • Brixia Uno

    Brixia Uno - Burglary Tested safe in Grade I. Thanks to its nice design this safe can be used as secured furniture for your home or office. Equipped with an Electronic Lock.
    • Bolting: Floor or Wall
    • Height: 330-1210 mm
    • Width: 440-540 mm
    • Depth: 430-480 mm
    • Price: starting at €1,745.00
  • Brixia Tre

    Brixia Tre – Burglary tested in Grade 3 with thermal insulation. Exclusive and modern design. Made by the Italian brand Bordogna. Looks good both in a private living room and in businesses.
    • Bolting: Floor or Wall
    • Height: 375-1745 mm
    • Width: 510-720 mm
    • Depth: 480-620 mm
    • Price: starting at €3,145.00
  • The Liberty Barcelona

    The Liberty Barcelona - Döttling safe which provides the finest German handcraft since 1919. It is completely customizable to meet your personal preferences. The Liberty Barcelona combines expertise and passion, the luxury safe for your home.
    • Bolting: Floor or Wall
    • Height: 1000 mm
    • Width: 630 mm
    • Depth: 530 mm
    • Price: starting at €99,000.00
  • The Guardian

    The Guardian - Mobile and portable high-security traveling case. A beautiful tube to store your valuable watches and extremely impact-resistant at the same time. Only about 8.8 pounds, a real lightweight to take along anywhere with an easy mind.
    • Bolting: None
    • Height:
    • Width:
    • Depth:
    • Price: starting at €50,000.00
  • The Bel-Air Magnus

    The Bel-Air Magnus - Far more than simply a larger and heavier luxury safe. The special locking system and the doors that open out from the center make it a unique demonstration of powerful elegance.
    • Bolting: None
    • Height: 1640 mm
    • Width: 1200 mm
    • Depth: 650 mm
    • Price: starting at €100,000,000.00
  • The Quick 'n' Safe

    The Quick 'n' Safe - Fast and secure. You can store all your daily used devices, there is enough room for up to six watch winders. Alternatively, weapons can also be safely stored. We can also integrate a USB port for charging cell phones or laptops.
    • Bolting: Wall
    • Height: 250 mm
    • Width: 450 mm
    • Depth: 350 mm
    • Price: starting at €10,000.00
  • The Gatsby

    The Gatsby - The colorful luxury safe for your home. The Gatsby provides you the possibility to customize this highly-security safe in a way your personal preferences can be completed.
    • Bolting: Floor or Wall
    • Height: 510 mm
    • Width: 580 mm
    • Depth: 520 mm
    • Price: starting at €99,000.00