Computer Safes

Do I need a PC Safe?

Computers are one of the items thieves value the most in a burglary, which means, everyone is taking the risk of becoming a victim of theft. Getting your Laptop or Computer stolen can result in a nightmare - not only because of the valuable itself, but for what information you’ve saved on it. Not taking precaution might result in a loss of your bachelor thesis you worked on for weeks, or gives burglars access to your customers financial information. It is your job to to keep confidential information safe. With a computer safe you can prevent your company's vital data or files from being stolen. SafeGear offers a wide range of insurance-approved and fireproof computer safes/ Laptop safe.

Don’t ruin your company’s reputation

Many companies talk about an economic loss due to lost computers and hardware. However, the biggest loss for a business is the lost data stored on these computers, time, customer service, software, etc. which might result in shutting down the company for some time, or even for long-term, depending on how crucial the loss was.

Secure your Computer and Laptops

Computer safes are suitable and necessary for schools, institutions and companies in order to obtain an optimal solution for a safe and space-saving storage for computers, laptops, iPads and tablets. Our computer and laptop safes are available from a capacity of 1 to 24 laptops.

A burglarproof and fire-resistant computer safe protects your important files and folders. Furthermore, it gives you the opportunity to store several computers in one secure place and to transport them easily to a different place if necessary.

In addition, we offer PC safes with the possibility of charging the Computer overnight - some computer safes might already have a built in outlet, where others require that you obtain an optional PCkit.

If you have questions or need advice, SafeGear’s safe specialists are happy to give you free advice on your purchase.

  • PC Safe

    PC safes - Insurance approved Computer safe designed to protect laptops in schools and offices. Supplied with a power cord and different charger kits consisting of 1-3 sockets with 6 connectors each.
    • Bolting: Floor or Wall
    • Height: 700-1500 mm
    • Width: 540-575 mm
    • Depth: 390-500 mm
    • Price: starting at €1,525.00
  • Evolo

    Evolo - Safe with individual lockable compartments for the storage of laptops. The cabinets are available with 10 or 20 spaces and can be purchased with the option to charge your laptop when locked away.
    • Bolting:
    • Height: 1800-1800 mm
    • Width: 420-810 mm
    • Depth: 500-500 mm
    • Price: starting at €875.00
    • Bolting:
    • Height: 1000-1900 mm
    • Width: 575-1000 mm
    • Depth: 500-500 mm
    • Price: starting at €2,580.00
  • RS Ipad Safe

    Gunnebo RSPC
    • Bolting:
    • Height: 1000-1900 mm
    • Width: 575-1000 mm
    • Depth: 500-500 mm
    • Price: starting at €2,999.00
  • MLP Computer Safes

    MLP – Functional Burglary Tested Computer Safe that protects the electronic devices in schools or offices. Tested in Grade A, it allows the use of the computer while preventing the physical access. Built with 3 mm steel thick walls. Available in two sizes
    • Bolting: None
    • Height: 496-696 mm
    • Width: 335-335 mm
    • Depth: 620-620 mm
    • Price: starting at €825.00