Reinforced Door / Vault

Highly secured modular vaults certified for burglary protection according to EN-1143-1 and therefore bullet proof. Contact SafeGear for a price.

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Product NameReinforced Door / Vault
Safe SeriesPanicrooms - Safe Rooms are certified for burglary protection in Grades N - IX. Grades are certified by (VdS) in Germany. Highly secured modular vaults are bullet proof.
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Safe PurposeDocuments, Pharmaceuticals, Valuables, Weapons
Burglary Test MethodEN 1143-1
Certification centreECB•S Germany

Highly Secured Vault / Panic room 

SafeGear offers highly secured modular vaults, which are all certified in burglary protection according to EN-1143-1, and therefore bullet proof.

The vaults have been tested by independent authorities and are secured from Grade II to Grade XII.

The vaults are constructed with panels, which create a solid construction. All doors have the same grade as the vault itself.

Due to the flexible modular construction, it is easier to integrate a safety room in an existing building, and even easier to install one during construction of a new building.

The strongest elements in Grade IX-XII are able to resist diamond driling equipment and explosives.

It is possible to expand the vaults with ventilation and cables depending on the type of the task the vault is needed for.

Due to the light weight of the modules, transportation costs are reduced, it makes the installation easier and it is possible to install safe rooms on higher floors in a building, where it is limited how much weight the floors can carry.

Contact SafeGear for a price and advice, and together we can customize the best solution according to your needs.

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