Dome Mirror - Quarter 90º

Quarter dome mirrors are used in corners to provide an 90 degree overlook over a corridor or room. The quarter dome mirror are suited to be installed in the ceiling corner. A dome mirror gives the best view if you choose the largest available size possible.

Examples of use:

Shop: A security dome mirror can prevent shoplifting in real time by working as a crime deterrent mechanism and help staff feel safe by providing a full view of the store.
Hospitals and Schools: By monitoring corners and across hallways you can improve the safety of patients as well as students and teachers.
Prison: A prison dome mirror provides an improved overview by eliminating blind spots in halls to improve the vigilance of inmates.
Production sites: optimized control of the production line to identify errors and prevent jams and blocks.

Available in:
Acrylic - Sizes (cm): 45 - 60 - 80 - 100 - 125
Stainless Steel - Sizes (cm): 60 - 100

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More Information
Product NameDome Mirror - Quarter 90º
Weight - kg1
ModelDome Mirror
Mirror TypeQuarter Dome - Quarter dome shop mirrors offer an 90° angle overview and are made for corners and provides a good overlook of the room. An ideal corner mirror for many industries.
Delivery time1 week
Suitable forHospitals and clinics, Grocery Store, Hardware Store, Schools / Institutions, Law Enforcement, Food Production, Retail, Offices, Production Sites
Installation Corner
Mounting EquipmentPredrilled holes

Corner Dome Mirrors

A quarter or corner dome mirror can prevent shoplifting and consequential economic loss. A mirrored dome can be placed over a sales gondola or walking area and gives an overview of the retail area.
A dome mirror gives the best view if you choose the largest available size possible, ensuring that it hangs preferably around 2.5m from the floor.
Dome mirrors are used if a larger perspective is needed and are available in 90°, 180° and 360° angles.


The 90° Quarter Domes are flush mounted in the corner of the wall and ceiling through the pre-drilled fixing points in the flange.

Viewing distance

Diameter 45 cm Viewing distance maximum 5 m to the mirror
Diameter 60 cm Viewing distance maximum 8 m to the mirror
Diameter 80 cm Viewing distance maximum 16 m to the mirror

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