Petra IV - 200L - Burglary Test Grade IV - Double Key Lock

Petra IV is a professional high security safe that can be an optimal solution for the highest security demanding industries and businesses. 

It has been burglary tested and certified in Grade IV by AENOR and A2P Laboratories under the norm UNE EN 1143-1.

For the ease of shipment and installation, the door and walls have been reinforced with ultra resistant fibres, so to reduce the weight while keeping the security certification.

The door has a three-sided sliding bolts locking system and has specific protection means against perforation in the most critical parts.

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  • Grade IV prevents burglars from partial access for 120 min and full access for 180 min.

More Information
Product NamePetra IV - 200L - Burglary Test Grade IV - Double Key Lock
ModelPetra 200 Key Lock
ColorAs picture
Delivery time1-2 weeks
Safe KindFree Standing
Safe PurposeValuables
Weight - kg450
Burglary GradeGRADE IV
Burglary Test MethodEN 1143-1
Certification centreAENOR
Cash RatingGRADE IV
LockDouble key lock
Keys included2
Capacity - Liter200
Height - External (mm)1000
Width - Exterior (mm)600
Depth - Exterior (mm)570
Height - Interior (mm)920
Width - Interior (mm)520
Depth - Interior (mm)420
Door Opening - Angle180 Degrees - External Hinges
Door Bolts3-sided bolts
Hinges sideRight Side
Door StructureDouble walled steel
Body structureMulti-walled
Bolts Included1


The Petra IV is a valuable safe that has been burglary tested in Grade 4 according to the highest European standards, as UNE EN 1143-1 by AENOR and A2P laboratories.

These rigorous and stressful tests have been able to endorse the physical structure of the safe, meaning that it can withstand even the most aggressive break-in attempt.


High quality steel has been used to build the external shell of this reliable strongbox. Additionally, to reinforce the whole body, have been implemented several layers of superior composite material and special ultra-resistant fibres.

The high tech nature of these materials have delivered a light weight safe, yet achieving a high grade of security certification. The reduced weight allows an easier shipment and a hassle free installation.

In order to cover any possible weak spots, the frame of the access door has been reinforced with anti-wedges and anti-extraction systems.

All safes come with an identification label reporting the level of security, as stated by the European norms.


The lock is composed by two different key locks.

The locking configuration is a three-sided bolting system: The sliding locking bolts are positioned on the lateral, upper and lower side of the door.

An auto firing relocker protects locks during forced entry attempt.


The front door is equipped with external, height adjustable hinges and self lubrificating bushings.

To make movements more comfortable, the door can be opened 180 degrees.

The position of each ant-tilt shelf can be easily customized to reach an optimal and personal fitting.

Normally finished in hard wearing RAL 7016 textured epoxy paint, is possible to choose any color from the RAL color range.

The safe is ready to be bolted to the floor.

Furthermore, an extensive list of optionals is available:

  • Secret and lockable internal compartments
  • Time locking system
  • Retractable tray
  • Automatic closure device
  • A grade V anti-fishing front slot (following the UNE EN 1143-2 European
  • Modular safe deposit boxes
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