Paper Star Pro 2 Safe - 14 Binders - Burglary Test Grade I / Fire Test 60 - Key Lock

Paper Star Pro is a series of document safes that are approved by insurance companies due to their Grade 1 burglary test and tested fire resistance for 60 minutes.

The walls and the door are made using high pressure to increase the security of the safe and the resistance to burglary attempts.

Additionally, these high-quality document safes prevent fire gases and water from fire extinguishers from getting inside the safe to destroy your safely stored documents.

You can adjust the included shelves to your preference. Check the model size for the number of shelves.
Produced and Classified in Germany.

This one comes with a key lock. 

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  • Grade I prevents burglary access for 30 minutes.
  • Internal temp. lower 170ºC during 60 min with external temp. above 1090ºC

More Information
Product Name Paper Star Pro 2 Safe - 14 Binders - Burglary Test Grade I / Fire Test 60 - Key Lock
Model Paper Star Pro 2 - Nøglelås
Safe Kind Free Standing
Safe Purpose Documents, Valuables
Delivery Time 1-3 working days
Color RAL 7024 (Standard). RAL 7035 (Optional). Other colors (optional)
Burglary Grade GRADE I
Burglary Test Method EN 1143-1
Certification centre VdS Germany
Cash Rating GRADE I
Fire Certification EN 1047-1: S 60 P
Fire Duration 60 Minutes
Fire Test Method EN 1047-1
Fire Test center ECB•S Germany
Lock Key lock
Lock Type Double-bit Key Lock (145 mm)
Keys included 2
Weight - kg 260.0000
Shelf (Standard) 1 Movable shelf
Capacity - Liter 130
Capacity - Binders 14
Capacity - Hanging Folders (not included) 2 rows of 28 cm (1 row per shelf, 2 shelves)
Height - External (mm) 855
Width - Exterior (mm) 686
Depth - Exterior (mm) 463
Depth incl. Lock / Handle (mm) €539.00
Height - Interior (mm) 740
Width - Interior (mm) 574
Depth - Interior (mm) 294
Door Opening - Height (mm) 740
Door Opening - Width (mm) 551
Door Opening - Angle 180 Degrees - External Hinges
Width (Safe + Door) - Door Open 180 degrees 1229
Depth (Safe + Door) - Door Open 90 degrees 1107
Hinges side Right Side
Door Bolts 4-sided bolts
Body structure Multi-walled
Bolting Floor, Wall

Paper Star Pro 2 (14 Binders)- Document Safe with Fire Insulation and Burglary Test

Paper Star Pro are ideal for storing documents, cash, or any valuable paperwork in your businesses or private home.

Grade I Burglary Test and 60 min Fire Test

Paper Star Pro document safes are insulated with highly fire resistant material and have passed the 60 minute fire test to German standards. Paper Star Pro also comply with the EN 1143-1 standards in the VdS burglary test grade 1.
The walls and the door are constructed with high resistance against all known methods of attack including a special barrier to withstand hammer, chisel, drill and cutting tools. They meet the security standards for insurance purposes.

Key Facts

These safe boxes enable bolting to the floor or wall that prevent burglars from taking the entire safe to open it at a later time.
The door can be opened up to an angle of 180 degrees and is built with interior hinges.

Lock Options

Strong boxes are made with a double bit Key Lock and come with 2 keys. If you prefer an Electronic Combination Lock for more safety, you can order it for an additional charge with functons such as a delayed access after entering your code.

Configuraton Options

If you would like to order your Fire and Burglary tested safe in a different color than Light Grey, you can do so with an additional charge of 15% on your safe price.
Supplied with adjustable shelves; the amount of included shelves depends on the size of the safe.

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*Please note that the product pictures show the safe series but not necessarily the specific safe you’re looking at. You should always check the product characteristics for the exact dimensions, weight, number of shelves etc.

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