Paper Star Plus 4 Fireproof - 33 Binders - Burglary Test Grade I / Fire Test 120 min - Code Lock with 9 users

Paper Star Plus are Valuables safes that are Burglary prevention Tested in Grade I and additionally protect your valuables for 120 minutes in cases of fire. These safes are ideal for Insurance purposes.

The walls and the door are built with high resistance against known break-in methods and comes with a special barrier to withstand burglary tools like cutting attachments.

These Fireproof Document safes also protect their contents from Fire Gases and Water from fire extinguishers.

The door of this Strongbox is 133 mm thick and equipped with 4-way 25 mm bolts.

You can adjust the shelves in your safe to your preference. The number of included shelves for each size is shown in the table.

This High quality Valuables safe is manufactured and certified in Germany.

Paper Star Plus can be delivered with either code lock with 9 users. - Go back to choose other size or different lock:

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  • Grade I prevents burglary access for 30 minutes.
  • Internal temp. lower than 170ºC during 120 min with external temp. above 1090ºC

More Information
Product NamePaper Star Plus 4 Fireproof - 33 Binders - Burglary Test Grade I / Fire Test 120 min - Code Lock with 9 users
ModelPaper Star Plus 4 - Kodelås m. 9 brugerkoder
Safe SeriesPaper Star Plus - DOCUMENT FIREPROOF SAFES 120 MIN. Protects contents for 120 minutes and it is certified in Burglary protection - Grade I. Due to its tests, this safe is approved by insurance companies. Provided with Key or Code lock.
ColorRAL 7035 (Standard). Other colors (optional)
Delivery time1-2 weeks
Safe KindFree Standing
Safe PurposeDocuments, Valuables
Weight - kg648
Burglary GradeGRADE I
Burglary Test MethodEN 1143-1
Certification centreVdS and ECB•S Germany
Cash RatingGRADE I
Fire ResistanceNo Fire Insulation
Fire CertificationEN 1047-1: S 120 P
Fire Test MethodEN 1047-1
Fire Test center ECB•S Germany
LockCode Lock
Lock TypeLG Combogard 39E 6040 / 5750K - 1 Manager
Battery & emergency opening9 V, Batteries can be replaced from the outside
Shelf (Standard)3 Movable shelves
Capacity - Liter456
Capacity - Binders33
Height - External (mm)1670
Width - Exterior (mm)940
Depth - Exterior (mm)681
Depth incl. Lock / Handle (mm)757
Height - Interior (mm)1,367
Width - Interior (mm)737
Depth - Interior (mm)453
Door Opening - Height (mm)1367
Door Opening - Width (mm)737
Door Opening - Angle180 Degrees - Internal Hinges
Width (Safe + Door) - Door Open 180 degrees1810
Depth (Safe + Door) - Door Open 90 degrees1553
Door Bolts4-sided bolts (Ø 25 mm)
Hinges sideRight Side
Door Structure4-walled steel (133 mm)

Paper Star Plus 4 (465 L) - Grade I burglary test and 120 min fire resistance - Capacity for 33 binders

The Paper Star Plus is a fireproof Valuables safe that is Fire resistant for 120 minutes and tested in Burglary protection in Grade 1. Due to its tests, this safe is approved by insurance companies.

This Valuables Safe series is ideal for storing your collectibles, jewelry, documents, pharmaceuticals, cash or other valuables safely at Home, in the Office or at your Retail Store to prevent unauthorized access.

Burglary and Fire Test

Paper Star Plus is tested and certified according to European standards. With burglary test in Grade 1 according to EN 1143-1 by ECB-S and VdS. This safe has been subjected to an impact test, 9.15 m height.

Paper Star Pro is also tested according to EN 1047-1 S120P for 120 minutes fire security. Certified by ECB-S in Germany. The Fire resistant safe body keeps the inner temperature below 170 degrees when exposed to outside temperatures of 1090°C in order to avoid paper from igniting.

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Key Facts

The door has a 4-walled construction, 133 mm thick and a 4-sided door locking (Ø 25 mm).

The hinges are external placed on the right side of the safe with 180º door opening.

Paper Star Pro is made in quality materials and protected against all known methods of burglary attack.

This High quality safe protects your valuables from fire gases and water from fire extinguishers due to a special expanding sealing around the door.

These Burglary protected safes come with prepared anchoring for the floor and includes the bolts for mounting.

The Paper Star Plus series comes in Graphite Grey (RAL 7024) or Light Grey (RAL 7035).

Lock Options

Paper Star Plus is available with:

• Double bit Key Lock and comes with 2 keys (145 mm).
• Electronic lock that comes with 1 admin and 9 user codes. There is a possibility of delaying your access for 1-99 minutes for more access protection.

The door has a silver 3-pole-handle, with 76 mm protruding.

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*You should always check the product characteristics for the exact dimensions, weight, number of shelves etc.

Customer Questions
Fireproof Safes: What Makes a Safe Fire Resistant?

Fire resistance means that the safes resist heat and smoke (and some protect against water) over a given period of time.

Fire resistance is created by the use of certain materials inside the walls of the safe. The walls are filled with a special concrete and water mix. The relatively high amount of bound water in the mixture prevents the safe from heating up too fast. The walls and the door not only include special materials but also are thicker than security safes that are not fireproof. 

Common fire resistance levels:

Fire Safes Resistance Insulated Fire insulation layer -not certified- that protects from initial phases of a fire.

Fire Safe Resistance 30 min Internal temp. under 170ºC for 30 min with external temp. above 842ºC

Fire Safes Resistance 60 min Internal temp. under 170ºC for 60 min with external temp. above 842ºC

Fire Safes Resistance 90 min Internal temp. under 180ºC for 90 min with external temp. above 1006ºC

Fire Safe Resistance 120 min Internal temp. under 170ºC for 120 min with external temp. above 1090ºC

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