Paper Star Light 3 Fire Safe - 5 Binders - Burglary Test Grade S2 / Fire Test 30 min - Key Lock

Paper Star Light are insurance approved safes with fire resistance for 30 minutes and burglary protection in S2.

These safes are perfect to secure documents, cash, medicine or other valuables. Paper Star Light are designed to hold out against mechanical and thermal burglary tools.

The door is secured with three-way bolts (Ø 20 mm) and the hinges allow the door to open 180°.

This safe is with key lock.

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  • S2 is the second certification class. This safe is more resistant than S1.
  • Internal temp. lower than 170ºC during 30 min with external temp. above 842ºC

More Information
Product Name Paper Star Light 3 Fire Safe - 5 Binders - Burglary Test Grade S2 / Fire Test 30 min - Key Lock
Model Paper Star Light 3 - Nøglelås
Safe Kind Free Standing
Safe Purpose Documents, Valuables
Delivery Time 1-3 working days
Color RAL 7024 (Graphite Grey)
Burglary Grade S2
Burglary Test Method EN 14450
Certification centre ECB•S Germany
Fire Certification EN 15659: LFS 30 P
Fire Duration 30 Minutes
Fire Test Method EN 15659
Fire Test center ECB•S Germany
Lock Key lock
Lock Type Double-bit Key Lock (120 mm)
Keys included 2
Weight - kg 77.0000
Shelf (Standard) 1 Movable shelf
Capacity - Liter 45
Capacity - Binders 5
Height - External (mm) 450
Width - Exterior (mm) 505
Depth - Exterior (mm) 450
Depth incl. Lock / Handle (mm) €470.00
Height - Interior (mm) 362
Width - Interior (mm) 409
Depth - Interior (mm) 305
Door Opening - Height (mm) 362
Door Opening - Width (mm) 409
Door Opening - Angle 180 Degrees - External Hinges
Width (Safe + Door) - Door Open 180 degrees 958
Depth (Safe + Door) - Door Open 90 degrees 926
Hinges side Right Side
Door Structure 3-walled steel
Door Bolts 3-sided bolts (Ø 20 mm)
Body structure Double-walled
Bolting Floor, Wall

Paper Star Light 3 (5 Binders) - Fire resistant and burglary protected

Paper Star Light safes are secure and reliable. The series are fire resistant and burglary protected according to European Standards.
Great for offices and private homes, for storage of documents, cash and other valuables.

Fire resistant for 30 minutes and burglary tested in Class S2

Paper Star Light are insulated with fire resistant material to certification for 30 minute fire by ECB-S in Germany. Additionally, the door is secured against fire gasses and firefighting water due to an all-round fire seal.
These safes are classified S2 in Burglary Protection.

Key facts

Paper Star Light is made with high quality materials, designed to withstand mechanical and thermal methods of burglary attempts. The safe has a special barrier to withstand hammer, drill and cutting tools.
The door is secured with powerful three-way bolts (Ø 20 mm). The door has external hinges that can be opened 180°, which ensures easy access to your valuables.

Lock Options

Available with a double bit key lock (90mm) with two keys included or an electronic code lock.
Both the key lock and code lock are insurance approved.

Configuration Options

Prepared with two holes at the bottom for bolting.
The Paper Star Light safe series comes in RAL 7024 Graphite Grey.

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