Murano (360 L) - Burglary Grade 0 - Code Lock

Murano safe is tested with burglary protection in grade 0 according to SSF EN 1143-1.

This safe has a clear glass (22 mm) door and sides. This bulletproof glass is developed with the most advanced glass technology.

Murano safe is designed for serious gun holders who would like to display their collection.

Interior can be customized according to client requests. This safe is available with only door glass and/or movable shelves.

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  • Grade 0 is the first grade certification class. More resistant than S1 and S2.

More Information
Product NameMurano (360 L) - Burglary Grade 0 - Code Lock
Safe SeriesMurano Gun Safes - Burglary Tested Grade 0 safe for storage of guns and other valuables. It is specially designed to display collections through the security and protection of the clear glass door and walls. Supplied with Code Lock.
ColorGraphite Grey (RAL 7024)
Safe PurposeCash, Valuables
Weight - kg360
Burglary GradeGRADE 0
Burglary Test MethodEN 1143-1
Certification centreSP Sweden
Ammunition boxFixed ammunition box
Height - External (mm)1700
Width - Exterior (mm)700
Depth - Exterior (mm)450
Height - Interior (mm)1,560
Width - Interior (mm)665
Depth - Interior (mm)350
BoltingFloor, Wall
Customer Questions
Gun Safes: Will my guns be subject to humidity/rust if I leave them in my safe for a long time?

If you want to prevent your guns and ammunition from getting rusted, you should always protect them from humidity. Depending on what kind of safe you own and its location, moisture may develop inside the safe and can damage the content beyond repair.

Therefore, we recommend that you open the safe every 2 weeks for at least 15 minutes, to ensure that your documents/guns remain in the pristine condition in the safe.

Furthermore, you should always pay attention when choosing where you want to install the safe. It is always better to avoid places with high humidity levels, such as basements or any places close to laundry rooms.

It is also advisable to place a dehumidifier in the safe if it is placed in an area with high humidity.

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