Mechanical Combination Lock - LG 3390

High-security mechanical combination safe lock LG 3390 can be used with a dial and ring combination (2107 B).

The LG 3390 safe lock has 1 million possible code combinations. The product possesses an integrated relocker and a bolt blocking system in case of a manipulation. The high-security safe lock can be mounted in all directions.

This certified safe lock is in Class 2 by VdS according to the European Norm EN 300 Class B.

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Product NameMechanical Combination Lock - LG 3390
ModelMechanical Combination Lock LG 3390 LA GARD
Safe SeriesThe ASD Deposit Safe series is certified with burglary test grade S1. The safes' anti-fishing mechanism makes these safes especially suitable for retail shops where regular deposits of cash or other valuables are needed. Available with a key or code lock.
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Weight - kg0
Burglary GradeNo classification
Fire ResistanceNo Fire Insulation
LockMechanical comb. lock
Height - External (mm)0
Width - Exterior (mm)0
Depth - Exterior (mm)0
Depth incl. Lock / Handle (mm)0
Height - Interior (mm)0
Width - Interior (mm)0
Depth - Interior (mm)0

LG 3390 Mechanical Combination Safe Lock

This high-security safe lock is certified by VdS in Class 2 according to the European Norm EN 300 Class B.

This safe lock can be used with a dial and ring assembly. The LG 3390 combination lock has an integrated relocker and a bolt blocking system, which is supposed to help in case of manipulations of the lock cover.

Furthermore, the lock has admissible mounting positions from right hand, left hand, vertical up and vertical down.


  • 3-wheel combination lock with dead bolt
  • Integrated relocker: bolt blocking in case of manipulation of the lock cover
  • Die-cast lock case, bolt and drop lever
  • Hardware pack: change key, spline key
  • 2 screws 1/4 - 20 x 3/8 PH (pocket hole) , 2 screws 1/4 - 20 x 1 PH (pocket hole), metric hardware available
  • Spline key, suitable for all LA GARD dial and ring combinations/spindles
  • Right or left hand (upside down) safe lock opening clockwise (turning the key to the right)
  • Separate change and opening marking
  • Change is performed at the back of the lock using a change activator (steel, 85 (50) mm long)
  • Weight approx. 460 g
Customer Questions
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Safe locks: All you need to know

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Install a safe: How can I bolt the safe myself?

Be aware that there are no wiring or piping in the location you want to install the safe.  

Follow these steps to bolt your safe:

You can easily bolt your safe following 8 simple steps.

1. Place the safe onto its final position.
   2. Mark the spot on the floor or the wall where the bolting holes are located.
   3. Move the safe aside.
   4. Make sure you use the right drill for the material and an appropriately sized drill bit.
   5. Drill holes into the designated marks.
   6. Reposition the safe over the mounting hole.
   7. Insert the bolt through the inside of the safe into the hole.
   8. Tighten up the nut of the bolt.



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