ION-CLASSIC-90 Battery Store Pro

The Battery Charge model offers a protection for and from your lithium batteries. It has a fire protection of 90 minutes both from fires starting inside the safe and protection from outside fires (in accordance with EN 14470-1 and DIN EN 1363-1).

It is provided with a tree stage warning and fire suppression unit, visual and acoustic alarm, a smoke detector and a temperature sensor. The safes are are equipped with a transport base to enable fast transportation. Therefore, the cabinet can be transported out of the building to prevent further damage.

It is also lockable with a key lock to prevent any unauthorized access to its content.

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  • EN14470-1 - 90 Highly Flammable Liquids: Internal temp. lower than 180ºC during 90 min with external temp. above 1006ºC

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Product NameION-CLASSIC-90 Battery Store Pro
Safe SeriesION Safety Cabinet - Perfect Safe for the storage of your lithium batteries. Offers a 90-minute fire protection from outside to inside and inside to outside. Lockable with a key lock to prevent any unauthorized access.
ColorAnthracite Grey (RAL 7016)
Delivery time6 weeks
Safe PurposeDangerous Substances
Weight - kg424
Burglary GradeNo classification
Fire Resistance90 Minutes
Fire CertificationInternal temp. lower than 180ºC during 90 min with external temp. above 1006ºC
Height - External (mm)1953
Width - Exterior (mm)1193
Depth - Exterior (mm)615
Height - Interior (mm)1,647
Width - Interior (mm)1,050
Depth - Interior (mm)522

Battery Store Pro - Fire Test 90 minutes

The Battery Store Pro is specially designed for the storage of lithium-ion batteries.These cabinets ensure high level of protection for and from your batteries. Poorly stored batteries may lead to great risk for people and property.

Fire Insulation According to EN 14470-1

These cabinets offer a 90 minute fire protection from outside to inside, tested in accordance with the European Norm EN 14470-1.  It also guarantees a fire protection from inside to outside of more than 90 minutes. The models are also equipped with a 3-stage warning / fire suppression system.

Safe specifications

The Battery Store Pro is composed of a smoke detector, a temperature sensor, a LED function indicator, and an alarm signal.

These components enable the cabinet to detect promptly any fire occurring inside, and notify a permanently staffed building services management or fire alarm central station to enable measures to be taken, such as the evacuation of the employees, or the disposal of the cabinet.

Indeed, this cabinet can also be easily transported thanks to its base, which ensures that it can be taken out of the building in order to prevent any further damage.

Lock options

The robust doors are easy to manipulate and can be locked with a key in order to prevent any unauthorized use.

Configuration options

Possibility to choose from 3 up to 6 shelves for your safe. You can also purchase a cover for the base.

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Please note that the product pictures show the safe series but not necessarily the specific safe you’re looking at. You should always check the product characteristics for the exact dimensions, weight, number of shelves etc.

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