Hand Sanitizer Dispenser - 1 L

Simple and effective dispenser made in plastic for 1.0 l bottles.

The dispenser is made to be used with soap, lotion and disinfection products.

An optimal solution for a wide spectrum of industries including health, food and foodstuff business with high hygiene requirements as well as offices, public toilets and institutions.

This product is easy to use and refill and is environmentally friendly design with minimum waste thanks to product packaging.

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Product NameHand Sanitizer Dispenser - 1 L
Width - Exterior (mm)112
Height - External (mm)300
Depth - Exterior (mm)100
Delivery time2-3 weeks
Suitable forHospitals and clinics, food businesses, Pharmacies/Cosmetics, Schools / Institutions, Food Production, Offices, Public Restrooms, Chemical Industry

Hand Sanitizer Dispenser - 1 L

Key Facts

This Hygienic Hand Sanitizer Dispenser is a  system especially suited for areas with high hygiene standards. Simple and effective dispenser made in plastic for 1.0 l bottles. The dispenser is made to be used with disinfection products, soap and lotion. This product is compatible with Hand Sanitizer 1L bag.

Importance of using hand sanitizers

Hand sanitizers and antibacterial help to effectively reduce bacteria and viruses from the hands and minimizes the spread of infections. Those which contain a high percentage of ethanol (between 70%-90%) are more effecctive in killing the bacteria on your hands few seconds after their application as well as any kinds of viruses, including enveloped viruses such as CoronaVirus (COVID), the flu virus, and the common cold virus. The use of alcohol based hand disinfectant is more effective against viruses than most other forms of handwashing.

Where to use hand sanitizer dispensers

Hand Sanitizer Dispenser is the optimal solution for a number of industries such as hospitals, healthcare clinics, the food industry, offices, public restrooms and childcare and educational institutions. Its use is highly suggested in order to prevent the spread of CoronaVirus (COVID-19).

How to use hand sanitizer dispensers

The dispenser is easy to mount, operate, cleanand refill. It is easy to clean and it is compatible with products such as airtight bags to avoid bacterial growth during use, also giving a minimal amount of waste.
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