Half 180° Dome - Acrylic - 45 cm

Dome mirrors are used if a larger perspective is needed and are available in 90°, 180° and 360° angles.
As the glass of the dome mirror is curved, it offers the possibility to have a greater overview of the area and is suitable for overhead viewing.

For this half dome mirror (45 cm), the viewing distance range is up to 5 meters to the mirror.

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More Information
Product NameHalf 180° Dome - Acrylic - 45 cm
Diameter (mm)450
Viewing Distance (m)5
ModelHalv Spejlkuppel
Mirror TypeHalf Dome - Half dome shop mirrors offer an 180° angle overview and are used if a great perspective is needed. The security mirror is suitable for shops, warehouses, production sites, offices and institutions.
Delivery time1-3 working days
Suitable forElectronics, Grocery Store, Hardware Store, Toy Stores, Schools / Institutions, Warehouses, Retail, Offices
Installation Wall
Mounting EquipmentPredrilled holes

How to use it

A security dome mirror can prevent shoplifting and consequential economic loss. A mirrored dome can be placed over a sales gondola or walking area and gives an overview of the retail area.
A dome mirror gives the best view if you choose the largest available size possible, ensuring that it hangs preferably around 2.5m from the floor.
Dome mirrors are used if a larger perspective is needed and are available in 90°, 180° and 360° angles.


The 180° Half Domes are flush mounted between the ceiling and wall through the pre-drilled fixing points in the flang.

Viewing distance

Diameter 45 cm Viewing distance maximum 5 m to the mirror
Diameter 60 cm Viewing distance maximum 8 m to the mirror
Diameter 80 cm Viewing distance maximum 16 m to the mirror

Customer Questions
Install a mirror: Is it easy install and maintain it?

Yes it is, the security mirrors come with pre-drilled holes and in most of the cases include either a wall mount bracket, a holder or pipe clip. Therefore, it is relatively quick and easy to install them with the right equipment. The mirrors maintenance is also easy since they can be cleaned with just warm water and soap.

For which use cases is the half dome most suitable?

The half dome is placed away from the corners of a wall and employed in order to get a panoramic view of a room and eliminate its blind spots.

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