GTA 80 Document Safe (55 Binders) - Double Door - Burglary Class A - Key Lock

Document safe that due to its low weight provides easy shipping and installation. Supplied with either Key Lock or Electronic Lock. Offers storage for up to 55 binders.

Produced in Germany, these strongboxes are an ideal storage for important documents that need to be kept under safe conditions.

Created mainly for an office environment, it spotlessly suits in a private home likewise.

Upon completion of the German VDMA 24 992 test, has earned a Grade A protection certification.

The 3mm thick steel walls that shape the body, are provided with a double walled heavy door with 4 sided bolts.

The shelves can be arranged to best accommodate your valuable paperwork.

The GTA series can be bolted to the floor or wall using the included mounting kit.

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  • Class A is an old German certification defined under standard VDMA 24992.

More Information
Product Name GTA 80 Document Safe (55 Binders) - Double Door - Burglary Class A - Key Lock
Model GTA 80 - Nøglelås
Safe Kind Free Standing
Safe Purpose Documents, Pharmaceuticals, Valuables
Delivery Time Call for delivery
Color RAL 7024 (Standard). RAL 7035 (Optional). Other colors (optional)
Burglary Grade GRADE A
Burglary Test Method VDMA 24992
Lock Key lock
Lock Type DoubleBit Key Lock (120 mm ) (Format 4)
Keys included 2
Weight - kg 233.0000
Shelf (Standard) 4 Movable shelves
Capacity - Liter 506
Capacity - Binders 55
Capacity - Hanging Folders (not included) 10 rows of 28 cm (2 rows per shelf, 5 shelves)
Height - External (mm) 1900
Width - Exterior (mm) 950
Depth - Exterior (mm) 410
Depth incl. Lock / Handle (mm) €472.00
Height - Interior (mm) 1775
Width - Interior (mm) 935
Depth - Interior (mm) 305
Door Opening - Height (mm) 1740
Door Opening - Width (mm) 790
Door Opening - Angle 180 Degrees - External Hinges
Hinges side Double Doors (Hinges in both sides)
Door Structure Double walled steel (92 mm)
Door Bolts 3-sided bolts (Ø 25 mm)
Door Type Double doors
Body structure Steel (3 mm)
Bolting Floor, Wall

Burglar tested document safe

GTA series safes offer the first-class protection against burglary attempts.
Ideal for documents and compact objects, it can be easily located at home or in an office. A reliable solution if you care about the security of your documents or records.

Burglary test

The certification of this German safe has been carried out by VDMA 24 992 (Verband Deutscher Maschinen und Anlagenbau) in grade A (May 1995 edition), which ensures protection against illegitimate accesses. 

The weight has been reduced for ease of installation and shipping, yet retaining the security certification.

Key Facts

The perimeter walls are 3 mm depth.
The access door, with a double-walled 92 mm heavy door including 25 mm 3-sided bolts, has been armored with a double wall to establish a tough resistance against powerful burglary endeavors. It has been provided with a 4 side bolt locking.
The external hinges guarantee a 180 degrees door opening angle, delivering a trouble free experience when organizing your documents and papers.
As the fixing hardware is included, the safe is ready be placed with its double anchorage: on the floor and on the rear wall.

Lock Options

The GTA series safes locks are implemented with:

• Additional key for double-bit key lock

• Electronic high-security code lock, with one manager and one unique code

Configuration Options

GTA safes include variable shelves layout, to reach the most advantageous fit for your papers.
The color of the door and the walls is Light Grey (RAL 7035).
For more information check at the product characteristics.

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