Dome Mirror - Full 360º

Half dome mirrors are used to expand the overview of a larger area like a corridor, and provide a 180 degree overlook. The half dome mirror are suited to be installed on a wall close to the ceiling. A dome mirror gives the best view if you choose the largest available size possible, ensuring that it hangs preferably around 2.5m from the floor.

Examples of use:

Shop: A security dome mirror can prevent shoplifting in real time by working as a crime deterrent mechanism and help staff feel safe by providing a full view of the store.
Hospitals and Schools: By monitoring corners and across hallways you can improve the safety of patients as well as students and teachers.
Prison: A prison dome mirror provides an improved overview by eliminating blind spots in halls to improve the vigilance of inmates.
Production sites: optimized control of the production line to identify errors and prevent jams and blocks.

Available in:
Acrylic - Sizes (cm): 45 - 60 - 80 - 100 - 125
Stainless Steel - Sizes (cm): 60

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Product NameDome Mirror - Full 360º
ModelDome Mirror
Mirror TypeFull Dome - Full dome Shop mirrors offer an 360° angle overview and are used if a larger perspective is needed. The shop mirror is curved and can either be mounted to the wall or ceiling using the four fixing holes in the flange.
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Full Dome Mirror in Acrylic

A security dome mirror can prevent shoplifting and consequential economic loss. A mirrored dome can be placed over a sales gondola or walking area and gives an overview of the retail area.
A dome mirror gives the best view if you choose the largest available size possible, ensuring that it hangs preferably around 2.5m from the floor.
Dome mirrors are used if a larger perspective is needed and are available in 90°, 180° and 360° angles.


The domes can either be suspended or flush mounted to the wall or ceiling using the four fixing holes in the flange. Full dome mirrors should be placed ideally about 2,5 meters above the floor level.

Viewing distance

Diameter 450 mm Viewing distance maximum 5 m to the mirror
Diameter 600 mm Viewing distance maximum 8 m to the mirror
Diameter 800 mm Viewing distance maximum 16 m to the mirror
Diameter 1000 mm Viewing distance maximum 30 m to the mirror

Full Dome Mirror in stainless steel - IFS Certified

A full dome mirror provides an excellent overview of the area and helps the workers have a better surveillance and control of production, institutions, warehouses etc. There really are no limits to the use of this full dome mirror because it can help improve the safety in many different contexts.

Top 5 characteristics

- Better reflection of light
- Easy mounting
- Eliminates blind spots
- A safety solution that lasts many years without the need for maintenance
- Suitable for a wide range of industries

IFS Certified

When a safety mirror lives up to IFS - International Food Standard - you, as a food manufacturer, are ensured and do not have to worry. A lot of European retailers demand an IFS certification from their suppliers throughout the whole supply chain to make sure the conditions of the production are at their safest. With IFS certified mirrors you signal an engagement in safety, legality, and quality.
The IFS certification indicates that the mirror is unbreakable and therefore it cannot splinter and cause risks.

Dimensions and construction

The dome mirror is made of stainless steel class 1.4301 (AISI 304)) and is polished on the surface to have a clear reflection. The edge has holes for mounting.
The thickness of the material is 1.25 mm and the mirror has a diameter of 600 mm.

Mounting of the dome mirror

The dome is prepared with holes from production and can be mounted to the ceiling med screws or you can buy a set of wires to hang the dome down from the ceiling to get it closer to the items or people you would like to observe.

Customer Questions
Security Mirrors: All you need to know

We have grouped the most Frequently Asked Question. Continue to Read More...

Security Mirrors: What is a mirror's viewing distance?

The mirror´s viewing distance refers to the maximum distance between the viewer and the mirror at which the safety mirror can be functionally used.

Mirrors: How can I choose the right Security Mirror?

There are different types of security mirrors to choose from. Each security mirror has it's own purpose. Importance of choosing the right mirror decrease the risk of unexpected incidents. Read more in order to know which mirror is going to be the most suitable for you.

Security Mirrors: Which kind of mirrors comply with IFS?

IFS (International Food Standards) is an international review system that ensures the food safety. In order to get an IFS certification, there is a checklist of certain hygiene criteria that have to be met through the entire production procedure.

Security Mirrors: What are security mirror main characteristics?

The main characteristics of security mirrors depend on the material, reflectiveness, and type. Click to Read More.

Stainless Steel Mirrors: All you need to know

We have grouped the most Frequently Asked Question regarding stainless steel mirrors. Continue to Read More...

Security Mirrors: What are the primary advantages of Security Mirrors?

Security Mirrors are maintenance-free and inexpensive surveillance systems for shops, schools, offices, warehouses and factories.

SafeGear offers a big range of durable and lightweight mirrors that can be easily installed. Check our security mirrors at: 

Security Mirrors: What kinds of mirrors are used as security mirrors?

The mirrors you will find on our website are used as security mirrors. They are classified on 2 criteria: shape and purpose.

  • By shape, there are Convex and Dome Security Mirrors.
  • By purpose, SafeGear offers Shop Mirrors, Industrial Mirrors, and Traffic Mirrors.

Security Mirrors: What is the difference between a glass mirror, stainless steel mirror, polycarbonate or acrylic mirror?

The difference lies in the material that the reflective surface is made of. These different materials all have different properties related to durability, strength, and reflectiveness that in turn make them more suitable for one specific application over the other.

  • Glass is the most reflective material available but also the most fragile.
  • Polished stainless steel is second in reflectiveness but highest in durability and strength. It is usually more expensive though.
  • Acrylic and polycarbonate both have comparable reflectiveness and durability levels yet polycarbonate is more resistant to impact and therefore a bit more expensive too.

Install a mirror: Is it easy install and maintain it?

Yes it is, the security mirrors come with pre-drilled holes and in most of the cases include either a wall mount bracket, a holder or pipe clip. Therefore, it is relatively quick and easy to install them with the right equipment. The mirrors maintenance is also easy since they can be cleaned with just warm water and soap.

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