Fireproof Vertical - 40

Fireproof Vertical is a fireproof document storage ideal for business documents, contracts, correspondence, and more. It has a 120 minutes fire rating and is certified at UL, Underwriter’s Laboratories Class 350 – 2-hour test including explosion hazard test.

Each drawer is a fireproof and it's expansions are maintenance free. A unique manufacturing method gives moisture and odor free, highly effective, fire insulation. Safe cabinet is environmentally friendly powder coated in light grey color. T

he cabinet has a central lock which locks all the drawers. This archive cabinet can be key or code lock. Each box comes complete with adjustable rail suitable for A4 and A4 binders.

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  • Internal temp. lower than 170ºC during 120 min with external temp. above 1090ºC

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Product NameFireproof Vertical - 40
Safe SeriesPaper Star Plus - DOCUMENT FIREPROOF SAFES 120 MIN. Protects contents for 120 minutes and it is certified in Burglary protection - Grade I. Due to its tests, this safe is approved by insurance companies. Provided with Key or Code lock.
ColorLight Grey (RAL 7035)
Delivery timeCall for delivery
Safe PurposeDocuments
Weight - kg306
Fire Resistance120 Minutes
Fire CertificationEN 1047-1: S 120 P
Fire Test MethodUL 72 Class 350
Fire Test center Underwriters Lab USA
LockKey lock
Drawer2 Drawers
Capacity - Liter256
Height - External (mm)1580
Width - Exterior (mm)551
Depth - Exterior (mm)750
Height - Interior (mm)294
Width - Interior (mm)388
Depth - Interior (mm)562
Customer Questions
Safe locks: All you need to know

Find below the most Frequently Asked Questions regarding security, battery and other concerns of Safe Locks.

Order & Delivery: All you need to know

SafeGear offers you a wide variety of delivery options. We find the best delivery partners and ensure fast and safe delivery. To our services belongs delivery with or without installation and standard or express delivery. The following guideline will give answers to all questions you may have.

Install a safe: How can I bolt the safe myself?

Be aware that there are no wiring or piping in the location you want to install the safe.  

Follow these steps to bolt your safe:

You can easily bolt your safe following 8 simple steps.

1. Place the safe onto its final position.
   2. Mark the spot on the floor or the wall where the bolting holes are located.
   3. Move the safe aside.
   4. Make sure you use the right drill for the material and an appropriately sized drill bit.
   5. Drill holes into the designated marks.
   6. Reposition the safe over the mounting hole.
   7. Insert the bolt through the inside of the safe into the hole.
   8. Tighten up the nut of the bolt.



Fireproof Safes: What Makes a Safe Fire Resistant?

Fire resistance means that the safes resist heat and smoke (and some protect against water) over a given period of time.

Fire resistance is created by the use of certain materials inside the walls of the safe. The walls are filled with a special concrete and water mix. The relatively high amount of bound water in the mixture prevents the safe from heating up too fast. The walls and the door not only include special materials but also are thicker than security safes that are not fireproof. 

Common fire resistance levels:

Fire Safes Resistance Insulated Fire insulation layer -not certified- that protects from initial phases of a fire.

Fire Safe Resistance 30 min Internal temp. under 170ºC for 30 min with external temp. above 842ºC

Fire Safes Resistance 60 min Internal temp. under 170ºC for 60 min with external temp. above 842ºC

Fire Safes Resistance 90 min Internal temp. under 180ºC for 90 min with external temp. above 1006ºC

Fire Safe Resistance 120 min Internal temp. under 170ºC for 120 min with external temp. above 1090ºC

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