EloStar FlexID - RFID lock

EloStar FlexID is the motor lock in use together with RFID reader which gives you the easy and fast option of opening the safe. The lock is certified by ECB-s and VDS in Germany in Class B.
RFID card can be provided either with or without the fingerprint scanner which can higher the security of the safe.
Easy to manage users via keypad or configuration software.
Up to 99 RFID cards / tags
Emergency power supply.
The lock has an option of time delay and more features.

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Product NameEloStar FlexID - RFID lock
Lock Bolt TypeMotorized
Number of users99
Audit RecordYes
Time Delay functionalityYes

Elostar FlexID - RFID Lock

RFID lock which offers an opportunity to access valuables stored in the safe contactless via RFID card or tag. RFID card can be also provided with the fingerprint scanner for even higher security. Editting user is possible via the keypad on the lock or via software which has also the feature of checking the log file of the past lock events. All of the configurations are performed by using the RFID master card.

Electronic code lock certified in Class B Complying with the European norm EN 1300 and certified in Class B by the German Institution VdS nad ECB.S

Key Facts

Each lock can be operated by up to 99 RFID cards/tags. Emergency power supply. The lock has an option of time delay and other usefull features.

This lock is usable on the safe up to Grade IV.


There is a difference in using the lock with standard RFID card or wristband and RFID card with fingerprint.

1.Standard RFID card or wristband: Before you present the RFID card to the input unit of the lock is necessary to activate the lock by tapping the lock by the finger until the green LED on lock is on. Once the lock is activated the card can be presented for opening.

2. RFID card with Fingerprint: When the RFID card with fingerprint is used, there is need of activating of the card by presenting correct fingerprint until the green LED on card is on. Once LED on card is on, the lock has to be activated by short touch until the green LED on lock is on. When both LED diodes on card and on LOCK are on, the card can be presented to lock and the safe will open. 

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