DataPlus 2 Fireproof Data Safe - 336 LTO Tapes - Burglary Protection Grade S2 / Fire Test 120 min - Key Lock

Data Plus are Data and Documents Safes with a Burglary Test in Grade S2 and a Fire certification that ensures an optimal condition of your precious recordings for up to 2 hours.

These safes are ideal for protecting any kind of digital storage as much as papers or documents.

Internal configuration can be customized to best fit your needs.

It can mount any type of lock, from a key lock to more sophisticated audit trails.

The Light Grey color can fit well in most office interiors.

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  • S2 is the second certification class. This safe is more resistant than S1.
  • Internal temp. lower than 50ºC during 120 min with external temp. above 1090ºC

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Product NameDataPlus 2 Fireproof Data Safe - 336 LTO Tapes - Burglary Protection Grade S2 / Fire Test 120 min - Key Lock
ModelDataPlus 2 - Keylock
Safe SeriesDataPlus - Safety Deposit Box for storage of Data Media. Burglary Tested in Grade S2 and Fire Test for 120 minutes. Keeps inside temperatures below 50°C and humidity less than 85%. Supplied with a Key Lock.
ColorAs picture
Delivery timeCall for delivery
Safe KindFree Standing
Safe PurposeData, Documents
Weight - kg390
Burglary GradeS2
Burglary Test MethodEN 14450
Certification centreECB•S Germany
Cash RatingS2
Fire Resistance120 Minutes
Fire CertificationEN 1047-1: S 120 DIS
Fire Test MethodEN 1047-1
Fire Test center ECB•S Germany
LockKey lock
Drawer0 Drawers
Capacity - Liter167
Capacity Data - LTO tapes336 LTO tapes (7 pullout shelves / 48 units each)
Height - External (mm)1191
Width - Exterior (mm)746
Depth - Exterior (mm)780
Height - Interior (mm)845
Width - Interior (mm)490
Depth - Interior (mm)400
Hinges sideRight Side

Burglary and Fire Tested Data Safe - 336 LTO Tapes Capacity

The Data Plus is a series of professional safes built to abide by the highest standards of security.

Information, for a business, is of outstanding importance, whether registered on LTO tapes, data cartridges or optical disks.

A Data Plus can be the ideal and worry free storage for a vast variety of digital supports and documents.

Thanks to its neat design, it can be easily located at home or in an office.

120 minutes Fire Proof Data Safe

This reliable safe, beside being certified by ECB•S in the security class S2 (European norm EN 14450), it has been fire tested according the most elevated international standards.

The UL72 and EN 1047-1 certifications make this safe able to stand for two hours at a temperature of over 1000 °C, keeping your company assets safe and sound. In this way, it is possible to dispose of the data when the fire has been extinguished.

Key Facts

The perimetral walls have a thickness of 12 centimeters. The door is equipped with an emergency automatic closing mechanism, triggered by an event of fire.

Lock Options

The safe is originally equipped with a key lock as standard.

May you require the monitoring of the access history, a code lock (through which read audit trails) can be installed.

Configuration Options

In order to reduce installation costs for the customer, the front plate of the safe has been made removable: without the front plate is possible to use a pallet loader.

To elevate the security level, this cabinet can be fixed to the floor to prevent the physical removal.

The customization is one of the strongest features of this product: Choose the best internal fitting to optimize your storage capacity.

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*Please note that the product pictures show the safe series but not necessarily the specific safe you’re looking at. You should always check the product characteristics for the exact dimensions, weight, number of shelves etc.

Customer Questions
Fireproof Safes: Will a fireproof safe protect paper and also a hard drive?

Before buying a fireproof safe, you need to consider that the sensitivity to heat varies throughout material. So you should know the material of the valuables you want to keep protected from fire damage. Usually, it is distinguished between documents (business reports, licenses, birth certificates, old artifacts, passports, insurance documents etc.) made of paper, and data (hard drives, CDs & DVDs, old negatives & photographs, flash drives, old cassette tapes, USB drives, micro SD cards, etc.). Thus, different fire resistance standards are required:

Fireproof Safes for Paper Documents

When exposed to fire, the interior temperature in the closed safe should not increase by more than 150°C because this would harm the documents. As an insulation material, a special mixture of cement/mortar and water is usually used. The relatively high amount of bound water in the mixture keeps the temperature in the wall of the safe at a maximum of around 100°C.

Fireproof Data Safes

Data is damaged at lower degrees. So when exposed to fire, the interior temperature in the closed data safe should not increase by more than 30-50°C. The walls of the safe are usually constructed in several layers. In the first layer, a special mixture of cement/mortar and water is used. There the temperature does not increase to more than 100°C. In the middle layer, special insulation materials are used, which prevent the heat from getting through the wall. As third layer, heat-absorbing material is used, which has a cooling effect on the wall.

Depending on the requirements of the fire resistance class, different filling materials or wall thicknesses are used.

Common to both types: Sealings are installed in the gaps of the door. Depending on the fire class requirements, high-temperature-resistant seals against fire gases or penetrating heat are utilized. These modern seals swell from a certain temperature and reliably close the door gap in the event of a fire.

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