Air Hotel Safe (24 L) - Code Lock

Air Hotel is a safe series for burglary protection of valuables of hotel guests.

Suitable for the storage of laptops, cameras, cash, jewelry and other valuables.

This safe has a steel solid body construction, the door has 1-side bolts.

This strongbox mounts an electronic lock equipped with a "one time user code" feature. It means that the user code can be used only once for every session, so that at every opening of the door, a new code must be typed.

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More Information
Product NameAir Hotel Safe (24 L) - Code Lock
ModelAir Hotel - Elektronisk lås
Safe SeriesChubbsafes Air
ColorAs picture
Delivery time1-2 weeks
Safe KindFree Standing
Safe PurposeValuables
Weight - kg13
Burglary GradeNo classification
Fire CertificationNone
LockCode Lock
Lock TypeAir Code Lock - 1 Code, Emergency opening key
Battery & emergency openingAA, Emergency key access in case of battery failure
Capacity - Liter24
Height - External (mm)200
Width - Exterior (mm)430
Depth - Exterior (mm)350
Depth incl. Lock / Handle (mm)0
Height - Interior (mm)190
Width - Interior (mm)420
Depth - Interior (mm)300
Door Bolts1-sided bolt (Ø 18 mm)
Hinges sideRight Side
BoltingFloor, Wall

AIR Hotel (24L) - A Hotel safe to protect guest’s valuables

Air Hotel is safe to be used in hotels, motels, student residences and other kind of accommodations for the protection of guest’s valuables.

This safe has been designed for storing laptops, cash, jewelry, cameras and other valuables.

Key facts

Air hotel has a steel solid construction with 4 mm-thick door and 2 mm-thick body frame. The door is 1-sided bolted (Ø 18 mm).

Safe works with 4 batteries (AA), included.

The safe can bolted to the floor to prevent unauthorized removal, the mounting kit is included.

Lock options

This strongbox mounts an electronic lock equipped with a "one time user code" feature. It means that the user code, 3 to 8 digits, can be used only once for every session, so that at every opening of the door, a new code must be typed.

At the end of his stay, the host will simply leave the door open, allowing the next user to set his personal code.

In case of loss of the code, no need to worry: The safe will be always accepting the master code, originally set by the hotel manager.

Furthermore, an audit trail system with 100 event memory is accessible through the master code.

Provides a back up key to open the safe in case of battery failure.

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If you have questions about finding the right configuration for your needs, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

See our full selection of safes.

*Please note that the product pictures show the safe series but not necessarily the specific safe you’re looking at. You should always check the product characteristics for the exact dimensions, weight, number of shelves etc.

Customer Questions
Safes: What does Safe Burglary Grade or Rating mean?

Safes have to be certified according to EN-1143-1 or EN 14450 regulations. These well-defined standards classify safes into security Grades.The amounts that can be insured in a specific safe variate across European countries.

Safe Locks: Do I need to press a button after typing in my code on Air Safes?

You have to press # or * after entering the code. After that is necessary to rotate with the handle to the left and open the safe.

For more information about Air safes, read this quick user guide.


Technical Support

Safe Locks: Do the external dimensions include the lock?

No, the lock is not included in the external dimensions of the safe. Measures of the safe are without the lock handle and fitting. You can find the lock dimension on the product description under the attribute "Lock depth".

Safe Locks: What is more secure? Key or Code Lock?

Both the Key and the Code Lock offer the same level of security for your security cabinet or safe. Your way of choosing the right locking system depends on your preferences.

Key Safe Locks - Traditional locking system

Quality key locks can be bought for a quite cheap price but cheap Code Locks can make errors and fail. You have to keep in mind that key locks can be breakable and most importantly losable. If you lose the key to your safe the security level decreases. In this case, you have to react fast and change your lock as soon as possible - and this is going to cost you money.

Code Safe Locks - Modern locking system

Code Locks give you quick access to the content of your security cabinet or safe. The best thing about Code Locks is that the code can be shared with other people without extra keys. However, it is important to remember that if you forget your lock's code it can be more pricey than changing the key lock.

Safe Locks: How can I open an Air Laptop safe?

Once you have the Laptop Air safe with a code lock, you need to set up your own PIN code with the door opened. The code can be between 3 and 8 numbers. After you have selected them, make sure to check if it works 3 times without closing the door.

When you want to open the safe, type the PIN code as well as the sign * or # in the end. Then, you should rotate the handle to the left side.

Icon Important: The Air Laptop security box must be anchored before use in order to comply with insurance and safety requirements. 

Icon For more visualization and information, you can read this user guide.

Install a safe: What should I consider when bolting my safe?

Consider next point when:

  1. The material of the wall/the floor plays an important role here. For example, concrete ensures a safer and more solid bolting material than wood.
  2. Make sure you check if there are any cables or wires in the wall or the floor you want to drill into. Be careful with the heating and/or piping system as well. If you have underfloor heating, we strongly recommend that you do not drill down into your floor. Instead, you can secure your safe by bolting it to the wall.
  3. If you don't have a solid floor surface, consider a wall safe installation.
  4. You might need the help of a second person to move the safe into position.
  5. We advise bolting the vault both to the wall and floor if possible.

Install a safe: Can you help me with the installation of my safe?

Yes! SafeGear is very happy to offer support in your delivery & installation process of one of our certified safes. Safety and security during the implementation plays a vital role for us. Therefore, we decided to cooperate with professional safe engineers who are able to secure and guarantee this.


The costs regarding this depend on numerous factors:

  • the exact weight of the safe
  • the bolting process (if you wish it to be bolted on the wall, floor or somewhere else) 
  • the floor you live on
  • general accessibility of your apartment/house
  • existing elevators or stairs 


Planning your delivery and installation process with our support saves you a lot of time, avoids wrong installation and prevents any damage.

A frequent error when installing a safe without professional help is that many people leave a space between the safe and for example the wall, without bolting it appropriately. Moreover, if stored in a wardrobe, it should not be solely put inside, one should create a possibility to bolt the safe to a solid ground. Not following those procedures decreases security and simplifies theft. Our engineer specialists with experience in the vault industry can perfectly install your safe in the wished location and therefore facilitate your life and secure your valuables.

If you consider delivery & installation with our help, please inform us beforehand so we can prepare and arrange the best fit for you.


Hotel safe: I am considering buying a hotel safe. What anti-burglary certification do hotel safes come with?

Hotel safes generally do not come with certifications as the use they will be put through, most often will not require this added certification. However, the protection they offer is always welcomed by guests. Hotel safes are more than adequate for the great majority of guests. Users can safely store valuables in the safe in their rooms and forget about this risk of burglary when left unattended. In the case of higher profile clients requiring improved protection, we invite you to check out the other safes with added features that are part of our selection.

Hotel safe: Is it possible for the hotel to access information on when the safe was opened or closed?

Most hotel safes come with an audit feature that enables the hotel to view a log of the last 100 locking processes. This log is accessible only to hotel managers or administrators through the used of a master code or master key. in order to prevent unathorized use.

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