CashGear is a smart cash drawer thought for offering innovative solutions to a wide range of businesses.

CashGear is the ideal choice for tackling cash management problems in different sectors: retail, food stores, hospitality, services...

CashGear minimizes profit shrinkage risk by securing and controlling cash and transactions, increases customer satisfaction through a faster and cleaner customer service, and improves business performance thanks to the cost savings and increased efficiency.

CashGear transforms time consuming tasks into automatic and simple processes, aiming for a safe, accurate and easy cash management for businesses.

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Product NameCashGear
ModelCashDro 3
Safe KindFree Standing
Safe PurposeCash
Coin recycler capacity1500
Coin stacker capacity1500
Note recycler capacity200
Note stacker capacity1000
Note recycler quantity2
Remote controlCashGear remote kontrol tillader dig at fjernstyre al information via Smartphone, Tablet eller PC.
Additional note stackers1
Connection to Point-Of-SaleEthernet / WiFi
Coin dispensing speed12 coins/s
Note dispensing typeSequential
Screen type7’’ touch screen
Coin validation speed4 coins/s
Note validation speed3 seconds/note
Optional extra locksLock for coin dispenser extraction, Lock for note stacker and recycler extraction
ColorAs picture
LockKey lock
Weight - kg67
Height - External (mm)735
Width - Exterior (mm)370
Depth - Exterior (mm)395
Hinges sideLeft Side
Body structureSteel (3 mm)

Secure and Smart Cash Drawer with Coin and Note Recycling Capacity

Suitable for companies in retail, food stores, hospitality, services, and other sectors, which need to get their front-office and back-office cash management problems solved, ensuring an accurate and safe cash administration.

Focus on your client and stop worrying about your money

CashGear does the cash management (closing, reporting, balancing, etc.) “dirty work” for you, always guaranteeing a perfect match in your accounts. That saved time can be used to focus on your business or whatever you could consider as important.

Besides, as payments are automated, the service is much quicker and hygienic, because clients do not have to wait so much to get served and there is no contact between money and products, which leads to an enhanced customer satisfaction.

The machine also reduces the risk of thefts, both external and internal ones, protecting your money from illegitimate hands.

CashGear adapts to your business

Our solution adjusts to your Point-Of-Sale easily. The machine can be anchored to the counter system, and its compact design makes it fit easily in your establishment. Moreover, it is easily integrated to any POS software, with any platform.

Key Facts

CashGear is integrated with a hopper for easy and fast coin loading, as well as a note insertion and a sequential dispensing groove. It accepts, validates and dispenses coins from 2 cents to 2€, and notes from 5€ to 500€. It rejects any counterfeit money.

CashGear connects to your Point Of-Sale remotely through Ethernet or WiFi, and it has a CPU to have direct control over internal devices. It can be managed without the need of connection to any PC or POS terminal.

It also has a 7’’ touch screen to help your customers deal with the payment process.

The machine can be monitored remotely from the CashGear Controller, which makes automatic diagnosis about the cash needs and warns the user on potential risks of shortage or excess, achieving an optimized level of cash.

The steel sheet of this machine is 3 mm thick, and it has a security locker with a key to access the inside, where the money is saved. For a higher security, the solution relies on an anti-lever system too.

The stackers, dispensers and recyclers of money are separated, and can be opened with a key. The machine includes an extra 1,000 notes capacity cash box and 15 cleaning cards for the note dispenser.

Configuration Options

Instead of a key lock, you can have an electronic security lock with time delay installed in your machine under request.

Link it easily to your Point-Of-Sale System

We work with the most popular POS systems, and we can integrate the software at your store to CashGear simply. Some of our partners for POS Systems are the following: 2bit, 3GO Soft, Aera, AM system, ansoftfood, ansoftmoda, Astarté, Avalon, Balanças Marques, BINSoft, CASSANOVA, CareSine, Clipse, CLYO Systems, CTM Software, datisa, datronic, diakros, Distrito K, ericsoft, Farmatic, Grupo Epelsa, GesL@n TPV, Gestinto, HIOPOS cloud, ICG Software, iiko, inforEstanco, Innova TPV, Lasersoft, MenuL@n, MGest ERP, naramis, Nerón Software, Ofimática, Orchestra Software, Phare Software, PHARMAGEST, Pharmaplus, Pointex, POS Sistemi, Programas Punto Elx, RizoL@n, ServiSoft, SIAC, La Source Informatique, T-Innova, TPV fácil, TPVRG, TPV World, UCS, unTill, VECTRON, Zucchetti.

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