About SafeGear

SafeGear - Safes, Retail Security and Fire Safety

SafeGear was founded in 2010, as we saw the need to increase security and safety awareness in the business and private sectors. Our headquarter is located in Copenhagen and we spread our activities through Sweden, Norway, Finland and Iceland. Last year, we moved from the Nordics to Barcelona to open our sales and marketing office.

Too often people and businesses underestimate the importance of security systems to protect their families and their employees. That’s why at SafeGear we believe that helping you better understand new technologies related to personal safety and retail security will also make yours and your people's lives easier.

We have years of experience in the following areas:

  • Certified fireproof and burglary proof safes
  • Latest technologies in display security and Electronic Article Surveillance 
  • Personal alarms and elderly care security systems

Corporate Social Responsibility

SafeGear’s corporate social responsibility contributes to our future-oriented and value-based company management.

We consider the environment by avoiding unnecessary air and road transportation. In addition, we aspire to work with environmentally friendly suppliers and logistics companies. We also aim to offer products that can be recycled and that can also be considered environmentally friendly, such as our fire extinguishers.

We are in an ongoing dialogue with our external stakeholders including our customers, suppliers and governments. Through this we intend to establish long-term partnerships to build up trust and cooperation.

We value our suppliers greatly and we are totally committed to conduct our business free from unlawful, unethical or fraudulent activity. Suppliers are expected to act in a manner consistent with high ethical and professional standards including reporting promptly any unlawful, fraudulent or unethical behaviors.

Our employees are our most important asset in the maintenance of our business. We value employee diversity and we are convinced that our international team brings many different ideas and a better overall outcome. We maintain a working environment which encourages innovation and creativity through teamwork, ultimately producing the best possible performance.

As we expand internationally, we cooperate with local governments to comply with laws and regulations in each different country in order to meet their specific standards.

Community Engagement
SafeGear also regards community engagement to be of high importance. Safegear is currently supporting the Danish project “Senior Hands To Africa And Asia” which focuses on building houses in Africa and Asia to support orphaned, abandoned and disadvantaged children.

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